Tips for disassembling robust furniture

Another big event in your life is just around the corner. It is time to relocate your home and your family. The packing process is the most time-consuming one among the things you must do to organize everything according to plan. Among the small items in your possessions, there are big items you must relocate as well. Therefore, Cross Country Movers will show you the best way of disassembling robust furniture and how to prepare them for moving.

Finalize your preparations and get ready for moving.

Moving is hard but it will open many doors toward a brighter future. It can be a pleasant event involving family and friends. But it can be a tiresome and budget-hurting process as well if not conducted and organized properly. Good planning is imperative for such an endeavor. Therefore, make a moving checklist where you’ll list all the steps you must take to move successfully. By evaluating all stages of your move, you will realize the moving costs and the number of residential movers Florida you need. If you cover all steps before your moving date, you will have much more time to work on other important things. You’ll have a moment to think about yourself and the emotions involved. Prepare on time and set your mind at ease.

moving plan
Make a plan and cover all the steps that will spend your time and hard-earned money.

Find movers you can trust.

The best way to find a reliable moving team is to search for it online. Check out several top moving choices in your area and compare prices and services. By narrowing down your choices you’ll reach the one that suits you the most. Be sure to read previous customer experience and if possible to obtain the word of mouth recommendations. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers. Maybe someone knows more about the company you are about to enlist. We will help you here by recommending our long distance movers Florida.

The packing project will take most of your time.

First, you must sort out your smaller items before you embark on disassembling robust furniture you possess. Cover each room and pack smaller pieces so you can make your way to the furniture. This would be the best way to clean, declutter, and downsize. Therefore, make a packing checklist and list everything you possess. There are certainly some items that you do not need anymore or ones that need special care. The fewer things you have, the easier your relocation is and your moving costs are smaller as well.

box with items
The packing project will take most of your time. Organize it and get ready for moving.

You should do the same for the furniture you have. Some of the furniture might not find a place in your new home, and some might be damaged. Disassembling robust furniture wears it down over time and the more you do it, it becomes worse. Whatever is the case, think about what the best solution is. You can donate, gift, recycle or throw away all the furniture and other items you do not need anymore.

Consider storing solutions.

Another great way to make your cargo smaller and at the same time to keep your items is to rent a storage unit. It can be a temporary solution or a long-term investment. Whatever works best for your situation. There are many storing choices. Maybe a climate-controlled storage unit is what you need, or one with the highest security levels possible. There are small, medium, large, indoor, and outdoor units. Make your choice and store all your items until you need them again. Although, be sure to prepare your items for storage adequately. Clean and secure all items before storing them. A simple blister pack wrapping and a cardboard box will do the trick. Cover all your boxes with a tarp and provide protection against dust and moisture. Also, a few rodent repellants will keep pests away. Do the same thing for the furniture you store.

storage units
Renting a storage unit might be a solution for all the furniture you can’t move but you want to keep.

Disassembling robust furniture and the best way to do it.

No matter if the furniture you possess is brand new or an antique piece, you must take the same precautionary measures. We all want to keep our furniture intact and in its original state. Keep in mind that some furniture is not meant to be disassembled at all. But for the ones that are, there is a way to do it. Hence, follow these steps when you decide to do it yourself.

Steps you should take.

  • Tools of the trade – It is extremely important what tools to use for this occasion. Some tools can damage your furniture beyond repair. Therefore, do not use big hammers but rather smaller ones. And most of the work can be done with a simple pair of pliers and a screwdriver. Also, wear protective leather gloves for this job. Provide protection to your furniture and your hands.
  • Protection– You should wrap individual pieces in a protective cover. You can use the blister pack or anything else you have at home. Or you can use old blankets, rags, cloth, sheets, and a tarp. You can buy covers at the nearest hardware store or use ones you already have. Whatever is easier for you.
  • Smaller pieces – When we say smaller pieces, we think about all the screws and bolts involved. If you do not place them in a bag and secure them, you can easily lose them. Therefore, for each piece you disassemble, put all the smaller pieces in a bag, close it, and label properly. Dedicate one small cardboard box to hold all those baggies to make it all more convenient once you start assembling again.
  • Big pieces – Wrap big pieces individually and protect them with a cardboard sheath if needed. Also, keep in mind that some pieces are not meant to be dissolved. Some furniture pieces have wooden screws and pieces that will break if you try to remove them. Be sure to inspect those pieces before you start breaking them apart.
a tool set for disassembling robust furniture
Prepare the right tools

Movers can help you with disassembling robust furniture.

All the things you do yourself will reduce the moving cost and you will save money while relocating. But consider that some of the heavier work can be done by someone else. We already mentioned that a reliable moving company is something that shouldn’t be neglected while moving. The help that movers provide is great and you should consider letting moving experts help you with some of the stages if not all.

Therefore, contact your forever loyal interstate movers Florida and obtain a free moving quote. They will advise on the best way to organize your relocation along with recommending the most valuable moving services you can utilize. But keep in mind that some services you might not need if you already covered those steps yourself. But when it comes to packing and heavy furniture relocating, there is no better solution. Contact your movers today and communicate the details of your relocation. Makes sure that your furniture is in great hands.

Disassembling robust furniture won’t be an easy task, but now you know more and we are sure you’ll make it. If you decide to do it on your own, return to this guide and refresh your memory. As long as you have all the tools, knowledge, and patience, you’ll be fine. We wish you a successful and pleasant relocation. Good luck.