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Moving in or out of Florida is never an easy adventure. It is a road paved with difficulties and stress. Especially if you have some precious, yet bulky household items. Items that require a delicate touch and special care, like a pool table. That is when hiring a professional moving company comes as a necessity that will make the whole process much easier. However, don’t just go and select the basic movers. If the billiard table is bringing joy to your home, then the right course of action will be to hire the best pool table movers Florida can offer. You will find them at the Cross Country Moving Group, who will ensure to select the finest experts for your relocation.

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If the pool table has a special place in your home and your heart, it deserves to be moved by professionals.

Pool table movers Florida will take care of your precious item like it’s their own

At Cross Country Moving Group, we realize that your pool table is one of your most valuable household items. Not due to its price, but because the memories revolving around it. However, speaking about its price, such an item isn’t cheap. Neither are the repairs in case your pool table suffers damages during the relocation.

That is precisely the reason why we are selecting the best Florida residential movers for your move. The team of highly experienced and trained professionals will go back in beyond in ensuring that your pool table comes to your new home in the same condition as you sent it.

Over the years, our movers gathered proper skills and a lot of knowledge on how to move this item safely.  No matter where, no matter what type of the pool table. They are ready to go the distance and tackle every move quickly and efficiently.

Pool table - Hire pool table movers Florida to move this item
That is why our company can give you a guarantee that your billiard table will arrive without a scratch.

In addition to the premium moving services, we can also offer you a wide offer of additional services that can make your relocation even easier. When you put your pool table into the hands of our pool table movers, you can be sure in its safe arrival. That’s the guarantee that Cross Country Moving Group can proudly stand behind.

It is recommendable to hire pool table movers Florida

Due to its weight, size and sensitive mechanisms, pool tables are one of the trickiest items to move. Surely, some of their parts are removable, but are you confident enough to do it on your own? Just with the help of manual instruction? And then to reassemble it without causing it any damages?
Not to mention, loading the pool table in the moving truck, transporting it to your new home and unloading it.

Moving is stressful as it is. Adding such a big and bulky object into that equation will increase your stress even further. There are just so many moving obstacles that can make moving this item even harder.

And we didn’t even tap into the theme of the moving injuries that are lurking on every corner. When moving such a heavy object, not even the proper techniques of lifting heavy objects will be enough to protect you from accidents.

Pool table
Anyone that isn’t a professional mover, is lacking the skills necessary to move pool table safely on its own.

However, with pool table movers Florida, you and your belongings will be safe from any danger. With our logistical help, the movers will asses all the moving difficulties and find the most effective solution. The one that ensures that no harm will come to your pool table. You will have the piece of your mind knowing your belongings are in the most capable hands in the moving business.

Why the Cross Country Moving Group is the best choice for your relocation?

There are many reasons to choose a moving broker instead of a regular moving company. The most important one is that we will make a profile of your relocation, and select the movers that are most suitable for the job.
We are conducting business only with movers who have valid licenses, provide insurance, have a spotless reputation and vast experience, especially when it comes to moving special items. We will coordinate every step of your move and provide you the best value and service.

As a broker licensed by the FMSCA, only the top moving companies can end up in our base. Our admission criteria are high in order to ensure that our customers will get the best moving service, to their utmost satisfaction.

We are thorough in our research and the pre-screening process of the moving companies. Some of the many are screening steps include:

  • Investigating the moving company’s reputation, safety record, licenses, insurance, complaint history, and customers reviews
  • Double checking that movers have a valid license issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  • Ensuring that the company has insurance coverage for shipment, property damage, and bodily injuries.
  • Making sure the movers are offering a binding contract, in order to protect the interest of our clients.

When you are using our services, you can be sure that we will select the best pool table movers Florida has to offer. Also, as a liaison with the sole purpose of making the relocation process easier to you, we are always at your disposal.

Before, during or after the move – we will be there for you every step of the way.

We will find the pool table movers that fit your budget perfectly

We understand that the moving process can be very expensive. In order to get an idea about the moving costs, you can get the free online estimate from our website, but that will be just a starting point.

You might have trouble to find the movers that are affordable and trustworthy at the same time. That’s where we come into the scene. We are taking every aspect of your move into consideration. Your moving budget will be the big feature to focus on.

According to your means, we will offer you movers that aren’t just affordable, but also the true experts. If you simply contact us, we can start designing your individual moving plan and looking for the best movers for the job.

Cross Country Moving Group is here to transform your relocation to one of your fondest memories. The selection of the premium pool table movers Florida and our additional services will ensure that this transition is an easy and completely stress-free experience for you.


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