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When relocating long distance most people choose to transport their vehicle via moving company. For some that make little sense, since you can drive your car to your new home yourself. However, when you add the cost of the fuel, possibly costly repairs, insurance policy and extensive car maintenance, using the right auto transport Florida service is more effective and affordable. Not to mention the comfort and time waste if you drive your home yourself. Those are just some of the plenty of reason to get this kind of services, and Cross Country Moving Group is the perfect company to turn to. With one simple call, you can ensure the safe shipping of your vehicle as well as all your household items. Providing the highest quality of service is just one of the many benefits that we are offering.


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Auto transport is just one of the excellent services we ‘re offering to our clients.

By your side every step of the way

Vehicle shipping across the country is quite a hard task. There are some different state laws, mandatory paperwork, regulation about the car import and many other technical things. With Cross Country Moving Group you don’t have to be bothered with these issues. We’ll take care of all the paperwork for you.

Our dedication to providing outstanding services is what separates us from the competition, and having experts navigate you through the entire shipping process is the benefit that you don’t get with many other companies.

When it comes to auto transport Florida, we are providing:

  • Assistance with gathering and navigating the paperwork, scheduling, and billing
  • Door to door service
  • Professional handling, loading, transporting and unloading of your vehicle
  • Inspection of the vehicle before and after the transport
  • Individual relocation plan
  • Designing the loading and delivery schedule which suits you the best
  • Addressing any concerns about your car shipment or any part of the relocation process you may have

Personalized service

When you choose to ship a car with Cross Country Moving Group you’re not just getting the best auto transport Florida can offer, but also the trusty ally who will be there every step of the way. There is no terrane or distance we can’t conquer in order to deliver your vehicle in the same condition as you sent it.

While the vehicles are dividing into a few groups, we don’t believe that the relocation plan should be categorized the same way. Even if you wish to ship the same model of the car as your friend, to the same address, your relocation plans should differ.


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We like to design the solution which will completely suit your moving needs.

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We offer “Door to Door” Auto Transport Florida Service

Our auto transport services are based on “door to door” principle. Meaning that we’ll pick your vehicle from your desired location, and delivered it directly to the location of your choosing.

Of course, when that is a possibility since there are a few factors that are beyond our control. Like local restriction for oversize vehicles to enter certain areas, narrow streets enabling the entrance of the car carrier or unapproachable driveways. Due to local laws and the terrain, loading your vehicle directly to the carrier may not be possible.


Highway from bird's-eye view
However, our door-to-door service doesn’t stop just because of these bumps on the road.

Anytime the vehicle carrier physically can’t approach your home, we can send the professional driver to drive your car to it. The same applies if the vehicle can’t be delivered to your new home directly by the carrier.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel comfortable for anyone else but you to drive your car, we can arrange an alternative delivery site. The ones that carrier can access and the one which is convenient for you.

Anyway, we will work closely with you in order to find the best alternative. Our primary and soul goal is customer satisfaction.

Reasons why our auto transport services Florida are a better solution than the regular Auto Movers

Since there are many companies that deal exclusively with vehicle transport, you may fall into the temptation to hire one of those. It does make sense since that is their primary occupation. However, at the same time, it is the only service they provide.
Meaning that regular Auto movers can help you with just one part of your move. And not that big one to begin with.

If you hire such a company, you will find yourself in the situation to hire a moving company as well to relocate the rest of your household. Hiring two companies instead of one will increase your moving costs significantly. Not to mention that you will have to do thorough research of any vehicle transport company, in order to avoid very common auto transport scams.

Top quality, complete service which we’re providing is the biggest advantage that we have in comparison to the regular Auto movers that can just ship your vehicle.

Everything your relocation requirements in one place

There’s no need to double your expenses when you can find movers who can help you with your entire relocations.
Here at Cross Country Moving Group, we offer in one place all the services that your move may require. From basic moving services, through additional packing, and storage services to special item relocation and auto transportation.

We will do so much more than that. We’ll relocate your entire home to wherever you desire, without any stress on your side. Simply contacting Cross Country Moving Group is giving you the opportunity to truly feel the excitement that your relocation brings, without the burden of the heavy moving tasks. Our experienced and trained professionals will take that load. They will also go back and beyond to make your relocation smooth. All of that at very affordable prices, which you can ensure if you get our free online estimate.

If you desire complete and truly smoothes relocation, Cross Country Moving Group is the perfect company which will guarantee you that. We have the confidence to give such guarantees because the previous expirience show us that we can. Our former customers only have the word of praise for the quality of our services and commitment to our clients.

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