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There are many things that make moving an office different from moving a home. Some offices might be small – up to ten people, but there are offices with hundreds and hundreds of people. This is quite a big family you need to move! What’s more, what makes moving an office even more difficult is the various sensitive equipment and odd furniture items you might have laying around. How do you deal with this best? You find professional commercial movers Florida, of course! But in this day and age, where all the information is right at your fingertips, it can be hard to know just what moving company is right – and which are fraudulent. This is why you need to call Cross Country Moving Group. We are the people who can connect you to your perfect moving company – and make your office move a piece of cake!


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Are you moving your office? Thinking about who you’re going to call? Cross Country Moving Group is here for you!

Why Cross Country Moving Group is your best choice for finding commercial movers Florida?

  • We are the company whose main goal is your satisfaction. This is why we will give it our best to find the perfect commercial movers Florida for you!
  • Just like there are no two people alike, so there are no offices that are the same. We are well aware of this fact, and we give every move detailed thought. This way, we skip no detail and we cover all basis.
  • In today’s world, time is money. This is why we strive to bring you an efficient move. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for long distance or interstate movers! We will make sure that your move is dealt with in a timely manner, and you can get back to business as soon as possible!
  • We work with a wide network of moving companies in Florida. This way, we can find the best deals and secure some special discounts for your company. So, with Cross Country Moving Group, you will be saving money in more ways that one!
  • Finally, another important aspect of your move is security. Because of it, we keep all the information you share with us private. Also, we make sure to find the movers who are professional and will treat your items responsibly. This way, we evade damages and injuries both to the items, stuff and the objects in the move.


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We offer a wide network of commercial movers Florida just for you!

What are the services we offer?

Cross Country Moving Group is the best in the business – that much is clear! However, we are not only the best at finding the perfect commercial movers Florida for you! There is an array of services that we can offer you!

First, as we already mentioned, we are well aware that there are different types of moves. And since we aim to please, we can find both residential and commercial movers Florida with ease! It also doesn’t matter if you are moving long distance or just around the corner! The right moving company is waiting for you – and we can find it!

The size of your move is no concern for us as well. We have dealt with tiny offices and huge office buildings with equal care and attention. What matters to us is your satisfaction – and no matter how big your office space is – you will get it! To ensure that, you can also talk to us about what you expect from the moving experience, and what kind of commercial movers Florida you are looking for. We will listen carefully, and work together with you to create the perfect moving plan!

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Cross Country Moving Group are not commercial movers Florida

One thing that you need to understand is that we are not a moving company. We are professional and trustworthy, but we cannot pack up your items and transport them. Instead, we can take a deep dive into your move, look at the logistics of it, and figure out the best solutions for moving. We will connect you with the best commercial movers Florida has to offer, and they will move your office with the same level of professionalism! Our job is to coordinate and arrange the move, and the rest is up to you and the company!


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Leave the logistics of your move to us!

So, basically, we are the people who you want to call when moving your office. We are what is called a moving broker, and we work through the Department of Transportation to provide you with the best moving experience. What’s more, we have a database of reliable moving companies from which we will pick the perfect movers for you! They were all vetted and carry the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration authorization. This means that they are highly trained and professional, but that they also offer various insurance policies for you and your office.

We also check each moving company very carefully. We look for any previous complaints and their safety records, to ensure that we are giving you only the best commercial movers Florida has to offer! To sweeten the deal, we also negotiate the moving prices for you. This way, you are saving the money both on the search and the move itself. While we take care of the logistic, you can take care of your day-to-day company work and move at the same time!

Time to call us!

As you can see, when in search for commercial movers Florida, Cross Country Moving Group is the company you need! Not only can we get you in touch with the best movers in the industry, but we can take care of the logistics portion of your move. Save money and save time by moving with us! All you need to do is dial 888-644-7812. Your movers await, so let us be a part of your amazing journey!

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