Interesting facts about Tampa you didn’t know

The Tampa Bay area is most renowned for its magnificent Gulf Coast beaches, world-class theme parks, three professional teams, and the year’s hot, humid weather with frequent summer thunderstorms. After only one visit to this city, you will realize endless facts about Tampa.

Tampa used to manufacture Cuban cigars

Many people associate Cuban cigars with the island nation of Cuba. However, for many years, Tampa’s Ybor City was home to the world’s biggest cigar manufacturing. As a result, one of Tampa’s nicknames is Cigar City. There is still one modest cigar manufacturing in operation today. So, if you’re in Tampa, don’t pass up the opportunity to buy a couple of custom cigars for your pals.

cuban cigars
Cuban cigars were manufactured in Tampa

The temperature in Tampa has never risen over 99 degrees

Despite the blazing heat and humidity in the area, as well as unending days of unbearable heat, the thermometer has never topped 100 degrees! Maybe you like Tampa so much that you want to move with Cross Country Moving Group Florida and feel the temperature every day, not just on vacation. Before you move you need to know, the record temperature is 99 degrees, but it doesn’t mean the temperature seems just over 100 with the heat wave practically constant during the severe summer season. In contrast, the record level in nearby St. Pete was 100 degrees in 1995.

One of the crazy facts about Tampa is that the streets are infested with wild chickens

Have you ever seen a chicken walk down the street in Ybor City, Florida? When you are from that city, like long distance movers Tampa it can´t be surprising.  This area of Tampa Bay is home to around 150 wild feathered pals. That’s a lot of roads to traverse.  The hens are descended from flocks raised by generation to generation of Ybor City inhabitants for eggs and meat. And they’ve been flaunting their stuff around here for about a century.

A massive ship museum in Tampa

The United States currently maintains four operating World War II warships. One of them is known as the American Victory Ship. It is in a museum by the authorities. You can explore the vessels in Tampa’s Channel District. Visiting these massive ships may make you want to move to one of the cities in Florida, but choose carefully. From the city you move to you can go on tours of massive ships in Tampa. The American Glory Ship conducts instructive tours, sponsors various events, and even sails a few times a year. There are group discounts available.

Museum of massive ships are among the facts about Tampa
In her 75 years of service, the American Victory Ship has witnessed a lot.

Ybor City is among the globe’s most haunted neighborhoods

if you’re a fan of haunted things look no further this is one of the most interesting things about Tampa. In addition to its cigar legacy, the region has a lengthy history of weird paranormal occurrences. Indeed, according to numerous accounts, it is one of America’s most haunted cities. If you want every day to be haunted, you can with long distance movers Florida move to Tampa.

Tampa was formerly known as the “damnedest city this side of Hell.”  The Travel Channel named Ybor’s Cuban Club as “One of the Top ten Most Haunted Locations in the United States.”

Tampa has the biggest private wine assortment

Bern’s Steak House also has the world’s largest private wine collection. There are more than 600,000 bottles… Around 100,000 of them are in the cellar under Bern’s Steak House. This is just one of the benefits of living in Florida, getting to taste the wine. Maybe not every bottle of it. The other 500,000 bottles are just over the street. Tristan Eaton, a Los Angeles artist, produced an amazing painting on the front.

First passenger flight in history

On January 1, 1914, the very first passenger flight in history set off from St. Petersburg and settled in Tampa, roughly 17 miles (27 kilometers) away. If this Tampa truth doesn’t surprise you, perhaps this will: the first paid client was Abram Pheil, the mayor of St. Pete at the time. The flight took 23 minutes.

Cute little girl with suitcase and passport
One of the great things about Tampa is that the very first passenger flight took off from there

Some more facts about Tampa

Tampa is well-known for its bustling Ybor City, the massive Florida Aquarium, the adrenaline-pumping Busch Gardens, and the origin of the Cuban sandwich. Don´t forget to visit rich parks, cigar manufacturing, modern museums, high-end restaurants, and beautiful walkways. There are so many facts about Tampa that makes you definitely visit or even move there.