Clever storage hacks for your Miami home

Wouldn’t we all want one of those neatly organized homes from social media? The ones where everything has its own place, nicely stored leaving the clean home. You could hire a professional organizer to sort everything for you, just like you would seek help from Cross Country Moving Group Florida for your relocation. However, it is possible to organize and store all your belongings alone, with some of these useful storage hacks for your Miami home. Take a look and try these out before you look for a professional organizer’s help.

Ideas for small spaces

The hardest obstacle with clearing or storing belongings is not having enough space. When you have a large home, like they usually do in Miami, you can pack everything however you like. But, if you are living in a smaller space, you won’t certainly have enough room to organize and store everything you need. In this case, it is smart to try and pack the necessary belongings at home and for everything that remains, there are storage units in Florida, at a reasonable price. Once you have sorted the items you are storing in your home and the ones that are for storage, you can be clever and use all the space you have at hand.

storage unit
Moving your excess items to storage is the easiest way to gain additional space in your Miami home

Here are some of the best storage hacks for your home

  • Storage furniture – when you don’t have much space for wardrobes and closets, try to get furniture with storage. Use storage inside the couch or coffee table, ottomans, etc. You will see how much valuable space you could get by using the furniture space as well for storage.
  • Use vertical space – hang everything you can, as long as it doesn’t look too tacky or crowded. Also, use the space between shelves, by placing a wire rack below each shelf that has too much space between the next shelf. You can also find plastic shelves for fridges as well. It will double your space.
  • Use inside cabinet door space – this is one of the great storage hacks for your Miami home. Hang those plastic bag holders to store aluminum foil, parchment paper, etc. You can also hang a magazine file holder on the doors. They are a great storage solution for storing cleaning supplies, brushes, sponges, and other kitchen or bathroom necessities.

Summer equipment storage hacks for your Miami home

Probably every Miami home has at least some of the basic beach and summer sports equipment. Storage is not so big problem if you have just a few things. But when you have a family in the house with bikes, surfing boards, or other bulky items. You have to be clever regarding storage. Hooks for walls, for example, are useful for storing heavy equipment. You can use them to hang bikes, folding chairs, etc.

hanging bicycle
Hang your summer equipment on the wall

If you are moving with your long distance movers Miami, you could plan in advance how will you use your storage and for what exactly. If you have pool or beach equipment that you are using often, you could make a PVC pipes storage. Basically, you assemble a frame or holder that will keep your equipment organized.

Call movers to help you with excess items

There are many more storage hacks for your Miami home that you could implement. It is just a matter of being creative and organized. Hopefully, this article gave you a few helpful ideas. If you find that nothing works, find some moving services Florida and let them help you with getting rid of excess items.