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The words excellence and professionalism do not even begin to describe the experience you get with Cross Country Moving Group. Our long distance movers Tampa will change your life for the better when it comes to your relocation. As a licensed broker, we are committed to finding only what is best for you and what will fit your needs. Overcoming the obstacles is our specialty, so it is with great confidence that we invite you to hire us today for your long distance relocation. We are equipped with professional staff and years of experience so that we can pack all of your items, relocate them, unpack them and much more.

several trucks aligned and ready to go
Our state-of-the-art equipment will make your long distance relocation stress-free

 What makes us the best choice for long distance relocation?

Ever since the first years of our existence on the market, up until now, our values did not change. It is our core belief that satisfied customers are our primary goal. It has always been like that, and it will always remain like that. What we offer is a unique service, adjusted to fit your needs, paired with affordable prices. We strongly believe that you should receive only the best for your money when hiring long distance movers Tampa. Relocation is not always easy emotionally, so we make sure that there are no issues in the process itself. We choose the only the best long distance movers in Florida for your relocation guaranteeing you that you will receive premium service.

What can we offer you?

We, at Cross Country Moving Group, are dedicated to providing you with the best possible services. There are no small or big demands, every one of your wishes is treated with the utmost respect. Perfectionism is one of the virtues that made us who we are today, and this is why we are glad to offer you the following services.

Packing service is a crucial part of a long-distance move

a man holding three boxes
Long distance movers Tampa are here for you so that you know that you are not alone.

Using only the best packing material that will not break or damage your items, we provide you with the service of carefully packing your items. Our long distance movers Tampa are dedicated to carefully handle your valuables. Since our organizational skills are top-notch, the movers we hire will label your boxes. Nothing is left to doubt and time is used very efficiently. We make sure that your move to the city of Tampa goes effortless on your part.

Special services designed just for you

People are often worried about the fact that long distance movers are not able to handle their requests. This is not the case with long distance movers Tampa, as we treat each task with special care. If you are organizing a long distance move for a senior family member, know that we are the best choice for this.

  • Senior moving is just one of the fields we excel at, you will be in safe hands. Likewise, we do not want you to worry about moving your piano or your car, as we have got this covered.
  • With the piano moving service, you will not have to leave your piano behind.
  • Auto transport service has been used by thousands of happy customers.

It is our responsibility that you do not have to give up on your car, or your piano, simply because you are moving far away. With us and the moving companies that we hire, the world is at the palm of your hand. We will take care of your items and leave you plenty of time to adjust to your new life.

We can give you the best storage service ever

One of the things we are most proud of is our storage Florida. You can store everything in our storages. The reason for this is that we provide you with the climate-controlled storages. They prevent any damage on your items, hence you can store items for a very long time with us. Long distance movers Tampa will prepare your items for storage, store them, and when the time comes they will deliver the goods to you.

long distance movers Tampa offer storage facilities with green doors
The storage service that we provide is top-notch, you can rest assured that your items are safe

We will help you pick the best storage unit for you so that you do not pay for extra space. Safety always comes first, this is our motto, mirrored in the storage facilities. Not even for a second will you have to worry about the safety of your items. This is because our experienced staff is looking after them. Did we mention that only you can visit the storage unit anytime you need it?

Your wishes are our commands

The whole process of long distance moving is complex. We have a team of people that breaks it into chunks. You are included in all stages of the process. Nothing is ever done without your consent, and when you have any doubts you are welcome to contact our move coordinator. It is with great focus and determination that we advance in the process of your relocation. We do not take chances and hope for the best. Carefully constructing solutions is our specialty. Although we will do everything that it takes to relocate you, you will be fully familiar with the process.

Long distance movers Tampa are just a phone call away from you

Making a long distance move means that you want only the best for yourself. With this in mind, there is no reason to postpone contacting us today. Both ours and your goal is to make your relocation stress-free. Our job is to provide you with excellent staff and equipment, while the only thing you should do is get a free moving quote today. Our long distance movers Tampa are at your disposal at all times. Contact us and see the true meaning of the word efficiency.

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