Why you should not move a piano cross country to Florida by yourself

Moving is always stressful because it requires you to carefully plan and organize your time as well as finances. And it’s exhausting! Moreover, if you have a large instrument like a piano, for example, then this can get even trickier. Pianos are bulky, fragile, and valuable, so moving them yourself carries some risks. In the end, it’s always going to be cheaper and easier to hire professionals to move your piano. And cross country movers are one of the best choices you can make! They know exactly how to handle your valuables and protect them. Here is why you should never move a piano cross country to Florida by yourself. Let’s dive in! 

Why you should not move a piano cross country to Florida by yourself

Before you think about moving a piano by yourself, you should take all of the things below into consideration. It might seem like a good idea at the beginning, but one mishap later and you’ll be wishing you hired people to help you. There are many ways to save some bucks on moving. You can pack sustainably, rent your own truck or car and do a lot by yourself. And this is amazing! However, a piano is so heavy, expensive, and delicate that it might just be too big of a challenge for someone without experience. So, unless you’re sure you can DIY this, keep reading! 

A woman wondering if you should move a piano cross country to Florida by yourself
trying to move a piano cross country to Florida by yourself can be exhausting and dangerous.

Movers have the necessary experience 

Even though you can skip hiring movers for some stuff, a piano isn’t one of them. Firstly, professional movers have a ton of experience! They’ve surely moved their fair share of instruments in their career. That means they will know how to pack it, load it and protect it along the way. That’s why hiring reputable movers you can trust is the safest option for you. Secondly, movers like piano movers Florida can also offer insurance packages for your instruments, whereas moving a piano cross country by yourself is much riskier. 

Pianos are incredibly valuable 

You’d be wrong to think a piano can be packed and transported like the rest of your furniture. Given the size and price of such instruments, it would be a shame to damage them along the way. And if that happens, then you need to pay for repairs, which can cost a lot more than hiring some professional hands to move it safely for you. Given that pianos are so expensive and hard to repair, the best thing you can do is leave it to those with more experience. 

They weigh a lot so don’t move a piano cross country by yourself 

Another thing to consider is weight. Moving a piano by yourself can put you at risk of injury, not to mention you will need a vehicle that is big enough to fit the piano in the first place. If you have no prior experience with moving such heavy items, it’s just not worth risking your back or knees for! Moving injuries are not rare. You can easily end up in the hospital just because you took one wrong step while holding the piano. And medical costs will be much more of a hassle than simply paying for reputable piano movers like moving services Florida. Some things are better left to the professionals.  

What’s more, pianos are not only heavy but their weight is unevenly distributed as well. To create sound, they need to have their unique design. This makes transporting them even more challenging because you won’t know exactly how to lift them and load them into the truck.

A brown piano
Pianos can weigh up to 1200 Lbs! 

Pianos can damage your surrounding space 

As an amateur piano mover, there is a high chance of you dropping the piano during the moving process. This will not only lead to the piano being damaged but also cause harm to the space around you. This includes damaged walls, doorframes, floors, and much more… 

Additionally, repairing these damages might add up to hundreds of dollars and can stress you out in the long run. And who wants additional costs during the moving process, right? Not to mention you will be stressed and frustrated if any damage comes to your home.  

You need specialized equipment to move a piano  

Movers who are experienced with instruments and pianos also have the right equipment to move them. It’s not just about wrapping it up and loading it into a truck. You need special tools to move a piano cross country to Florida. The equipment in question includes: 

  1. Skid boards 
  2. Piano dollies 
  3. Special ropes or harnesses 

You might be thinking “ah, I can just buy those”, however, these tools are extremely expensive too. Just like your piano! Buying one skid board could cost you hundreds of dollars! And not to mention you are still lacking experience in moving the piano itself. So, paying for the right help will end up costing you much less.  

Moreover, professional piano moving companies like… own proper trucks and tools that make sure your piano is stable while in motion. That is why you absolutely need the help of experienced professionals to move a piano long distance. 

A man in a white shirt and jeans carrying boxes
There are some things movers just do best!

Why you should not move a piano cross country to Florida by yourself – summary 

As you can see, moving from California to Florida with a piano by yourself is not impossible. However, it is a very challenging task with many risks. You can potentially damage the instrument, surrounding spaces, and even yourself or your friends. In the long run, it will cost you much less to hire the right movers than to try this on your own. And since pianos are often THE MOST valuable item in a household, they do deserve special treatment, don’t they?