Why you should consider moving to Florida

Have you ever wondered what is like to live in Florida? Living near top-rated beaches in the US sounds tempting enough to immediately pack your belongings and move to Florida. Florida does have many advantages but not everything in Florida is sunshine and beaches. For this reason, you should carefully consider all your options before you consider moving to Florida is the right choice for you. 

 What some people see as advantages in Florida to other people is more like a disadvantage. For this reason, you should find which city you like, job opportunities, taxes, weather, entertainment, and other factors. If you see that most of these categories suit your needs then you can relocate to Florida. Here are a few interesting facts about life in Florida that you should know if you are moving long-distance with long distance movers Florida. 

buildings in the distance
Florida has a lot to offer

Why you should consider moving to Florida this year? 

Florida is the fourth most populated state in the US with a population of over 21 million. However, if you are looking at the size of the state, Florida is in the 22 place which makes Florida the eighth place on the density rank. Florida is one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S. and moving companies in Florida are very busy and professional. The most famous and biggest metropolitan areas are the following.

  • Miami metropolitan area- at the first place with over 6 million people 
  • Tampa Bay Area- at second place with over 3 million people 
  • Orlando metropolitan area- at the third place with less than 2.5 million people 
  • Jacksonville metropolitan area-at the fourth place with less than 1.5 million people 

When you are moving from California to Florida, you won’t have to face dramatic weather changes. Florida has more than 200 sunny days per year with a tropical climate. 

State income tax doesn’t exist in Florida 

One of the major advantages of living in Florida is the lack of state income tax. You will able to save more money from your paychecks for other more fun activities. Also, if you have been hesitating about using auto transport Florida because of the cost, you shouldn’t anymore. It is going to be affordable considering lower taxes.

Additionally, you will have more money to try some new and fancier hobbies like piano playing. Now you will have good reason to hire piano movers in Florida to move your old piano to your new home. Also, Florida is known for its diversity, so you will have plenty of opportunities to find about different cultures and customs. 

people sailing
Without an income tax, you can spend more money on your hobbies

What makes Florida very appealing are the beaches. 

The real reason why you should consider moving to Florida would be the beautiful beaches. Florida has one of the most beautiful and top-rated beaches in the world. Having this kind of beach near your home is worth every penny spent on moving. 

The housing market in Florida is becoming very competitive in recent years. For this reason, you might not be able to get a big home with enough storage places right away. In this situation, storage units in Florida are the perfect option until you find a big enough home for all your belongings. 

As you can see, moving to Florida sounds like a perfect choice for you. You won’t have to go on vacations anymore as your home will be your vacation all year around.