Why choose a moving broker?

At ‘Cross Country Moving Group’ we have been able to maintain our status as one of the top moving brokers in the entire industry. While some people like to deal with moving companies directly, there are numerous unbeatable advantages that a moving broker offers you.

While they tend to be more well-known, moving companies usually make customers pay more for using their bigger brand by charging higher fees. To combat this, wouldn’t the next step naturally be to find a smaller moving company? Unfortunately, smaller moving companies typically don’t offer the same services that can meet your moving needs the way larger ones do. Cross Country Moving Group is a moving broker that connects you with the best moving companies that offer all of the services you need at affordable rates.

Admit it – an unsuccessful search for a reliable moving company on your own can get frustrating. A full-service moving broker quickly links you to different sorts of moving companies that specialize in everything from long distance moving to vehicle shipping. So instead of wasting precious days or even weeks failing to find an accurate cost estimate that meets your budget, Cross Country Moving Group does the work for you. This includes making sure that any moving company you’re thinking of using is properly licensed, and closely regulated by the Department of Transportation. While this may seem like a minor detail, it’s an extremely important step in making sure you don’t get stuck with rogue, fly-by-night movers.

Naturally, moving brokers are going to charge you a fee for their services. But think of it this way – the money you pay to the broker is nothing compared to what you would be spending on a bigger name moving company. As a respected broker in the industry, Cross Country Moving Group has built strong relationships with the finest moving companies over the years. These movers are able to offer us better deals since we personally deal with them on a one-on-one basis, and not anonymously through the Internet. We, in turn, pass these savings on to our valued customers.

We do much more than just help customers enjoy savings on moving. As a broker, Cross Country Moving Group closely monitors each and every single moving company that we select for you. The moving companies in our network must not only abide by the moving regulations set by the industry, but they must also maintain a reputation of providing quality customer service to all clients. We disassociate ourselves from any moving companies that we feel do not live up to our high standards.

We are also careful to only work with movers that possess the highest quality service ratings and a strong track record in the household goods industry of good service for several years. Most customers do not know what to look for when it comes to picking the right moving company. Years of industry experience has sharpened our knowledge so we know exactly what to look for. The movers we handpick for you are the cream of the crop.

When you use a moving broker, you’re also getting access to quality movers that you otherwise most likely would’ve never heard of. These companies can give you the quality assistance and affordable rates you would normally miss out on. Because the companies we connect you to depend heavily on brokers like us to support their business, they are more likely to offer you first-class service, as opposed to other moving companies who treat you as just another customer.

You definitely don’t want to underestimate the logistical advantages that using a moving broker offers. Due to the high volume of movers we have access to, any last-minute changes or unexpected issues that may arise can be handled quicker. Also, any customer service issues or disputes you might find yourself having with a moving company can be mediated by brokers. As a broker, Cross Country Moving Group knows that both our reputation and the reputation of our affiliate movers are on the line. This gives us an added incentive to successfully and quickly resolve any issues customers may have with the moving companies and their valued possessions.

Choosing to use an established, qualified moving broker like Cross Country Moving Group makes the entire moving process easier, as we are able to help you save time and money while keeping your stress levels to a minimum.

CROSS COUNTRY MOVING GROUP INC is not a motor carrier and will not transport an individual shipper’s household goods, but will coordinate and arrange for the transportation of household goods, and additional services, by an FMCSA authorized motor carrier.