When to start packing for a long distance move to Orlando?

Moving is a long and complicated process. You need to organize your whole family, and belongings as well. It is confusing and hectic. You are asking yourself the big question: When to start packing for a long distance move to Orlando? Is it too early? Or will it be too late? Because we recognize the struggles of long distance relocations, we got your back. Cross Country Moving Group Florida will provide you with the answer and a little moving guide to Orlando.

Make a plan for a long distance move to Orlando.

An essential part of every relocation is making a good plan. Write down your tasks and make a schedule. It will give you a clear insight into what you need to do and how much time you will spend doing these things. To avoid being unconvinced by unexpected events always calculate more time than you would usually need for each task, and make yourself additional time. This might not seem practical when making a plan, but it will be especially helpful if some problems occur. It is recommended to start planning in 3 to  6 months before your interstate movers Florida arrive to pick up your stuff.

movers taking out couch through the door while thinking about when to start packing for a long distance move to Orlando
Consider hiring professional Orlando movers!

Set the dates

Now that you have a breakdown of all the tasks you could estimate how much time you will need for packing clothes, other belongings, and furniture. It is time to set the dates for leaving. If you have a landlord, decide together upon the departure date. And don’t forget to hire long distance movers Florida for quick relocation. Save yourself time by getting a hand from experts who will relocate your belongings quickly and safely. When you are deciding on departure and moving-in dates, think about traffic crowds in Florida. Moving cross country means traveling long distances. Choose mid-month and midweek days for your travel.  Orlando is a very active city, however, you are more likely to get into a traffic jam during weekends.

When to start packing for a long distance move to Orlando is up to you

Decide upon your rhythm and the schedule you made. The optimal recommended time is to start 4 weeks before the departure. Divide your belongings into these categories and pack by these order:

  1. rooms and belongings you are not using often ( garage, attic, or basements)
  2. additional and decorative furniture and items
  3. most of the cutlery and kitchen supplies, leaving only the necessary
  4. most of the bathroom supplies, while still using the necessary
  5. clothes and personal items

In the end, only the necessary items should be left and on the day of departure, they can be packed in a couple of boxes. Those are the things you will be unpacking first as well. Follow this list, or make your own based on your needs. Consider contacting Orlando long distance movers for a stress-free relocation. Don’t split your mind about transport issues, like driving, planing a route, and fuel costs. Be safe and calm with our experts.

moving boxes, fragile label
Start packing things you are not using often.


Moving takes a lot of time and effort. Your entire possessions need to be organized and you need to plan the relocation of your work and school. It is chaotic and puzzling. When to start packing for a long distance move to Orlando, you wonder to yourself?  Make a personalized schedule 3-6 months before departure and start packing according to your plan!