What to know before relocating a piano?

When you’re preparing for a big move and you’re getting all your things ready, there’s a lot to keep in mind. For example, you need to remember that certain things in your home require extra care during the packing and moving process. This includes any large and bulky pieces, as well as your valuables. Well, an item that fits into both of those categories is your piano. That’s why pianos are pretty tricky to relocate and it’s hard to do it if you don’t know the right techniques. Luckily, you always have the option of hiring piano movers Florida to handle this challenge. Whether you want to hire the pros or move the piano yourself, we’re here to help you out. What follows is a list of things you should know and consider before relocating a piano. So, keep reading to learn how to safely relocate your precious instrument.

Before relocating a piano, find someone who can help you

As we’ve said, items that are big and bulky are usually pretty hard to relocate. You need to use the proper techniques if you want your furniture or your instrument to stay intact and damage-free. Not only that, but you can’t move these things alone. It’s physically impossible to move your piano by yourself, so don’t even try. Instead, you should look for people who can give you a hand. Here’s what we recommend you do before you relocate your piano.

Person signing a moving contract before relocating a piano
Before you move the piano, we suggest you find and hire some reliable moving experts who can help.

Hire professional piano movers

The first thing you can do is turn to the pros. Namely, many cross country movers offer special piano moving services. This means that they have a team of movers who are experienced with safely relocating customers’ pianos. Therefore, asking them for help is a great way to make sure your instrument arrives at the destination with no damages. Call up the pros before moving the piano to go over the details of the move and make a plan of action.

Not only is the safety and protection of the piano almost guaranteed, but this also allows you to relax a bit and reduces some of your stress. You don’t have to worry about maneuvering the piano through the hallways of your home or keeping it safe in the moving truck. The experts will take care of all that – they know how.  So, if you want to make the process of moving your piano significantly easier, you know what to do.

Team up with your friends to relocate your piano

Of course, hiring the pros is a really good way to make moving the instrument easier and quicker. However, not everyone’s budget will allow that. If you can’t or don’t want to spend money on hiring residential movers FL for your piano, there’s still a way. What are friends for? Call them up and ask them for help. Your close ones will surely be happy to give you a hand and help you move your valuable instrument. Before moving the piano, research how to do it together and then put what you learn into action. In situations like these, it’s true what they say – teamwork makes the dream work!

You should clean the piano before relocating it

Before you move your piano, there’s something simple but important you should do. Namely, cleaning your instrument is a good way to prepare it for the relocation. So, grab your cleaning supplies and make sure your piano is squeaky clean.

An upright brown piano with notes on it
Take all the knick-knacks off your piano, clean it, and get it ready for the move.

While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to use this moment to check if your piano is in good shape. What this means is checking if it’s in tune, if all the keys are in place and if there are any damages. This is important because if the piano arrives at your new home damaged, you’ll know if the damages are old or new.

Can you disassemble the piano?

Once the piano is clean and you’re sure that it’s intact and ready for moving, it’s time to get it ready for the truck. Well, one thing you should do before you move the piano. Check if you’re able to dismantle the piano. This usually involves removing the piano legs. The reason for this is simpler and safer transportation.

So, if you can, this is a step you should take to prepare the piano for the moving truck. Be careful while disassembling the piano to avoid damaging it in the process. After you remove the legs of the piano, you can wrap them and pack them in a plastic bag. Also, take the screws into a smaller bag and keep them somewhere safe – you don’t wanna lose them.

How to transport the piano

Something else you should know before moving your piano is how to transport it properly. You don’t want the piano to get scratched or harmed in any way inside the truck. So, here are the two key tips for keeping your piano safe during transport.

  1. Keep it upright. You shouldn’t even consider placing your piano on its side. This can only lead to trouble. So, even if it takes up more room in the truck, keeping the piano upright is essential.
  2. Cover it. Once the piano is inside the truck, there’s one more thing you should do – cover it up. Use a sheet or a plastic cover, whatever you prefer. This will protect the piano from scratches and even leakages.

    Woman playing a piano
    To be able to play your piano after moving, you should prepare it well and protect it from damages.

It’s best to get insurance before you relocate your piano

Finally, let’s talk about insurance. When you’re relocating a valuable item like your piano, getting insurance is the smart and responsible thing to do. Even if the best interstate movers Florida are moving your instrument, you never know what can happen along the way. So, to prepare for the worst, you should get insurance before relocating your piano. If anything happens to your instrument, at least you can file a claim and get reimbursed for it.