What to check before signing a moving contract

So, you have selected the movers for your relocation and you’re ready to sing the moving contract. Not so fast – there are some things to verify before inking the deal. While a verbal agreement is valuable, it doesn’t stand a chance against the signed one. You have to make sure that the moving contract has all the features that you are expecting it to have. Keep your eyes open and check it thoroughly.

Make sure that you have chosen the right movers before you ink a moving contract

Choosing reliable and trustworthy residential movers isn’t easy at all. Such a lucrative industry attracts a lot of fraudulent movers. Eager to take advantage of their customers, they hide well on the plain sight. If you vent your movers, check them again. Avoiding the moving scams, so double-checking everything before signing the moving contract is in your best interest.

First of all, know how to separate the good from the bad moving company.

Things to pay attention to when choosing movers:

  • The company’s license and insurance – Every legitimate and reliable moving company will have a proper up-to-date license and provide some form of insurance for your shipment.
  • Customer’s reviews and references – By checking online forums and reviews website, you will find out did the former clients have a nice experience with movers.
  • Good name – Reputation is everything in the moving business. When movers take care of their good name, that is the great sign of their reliability.
  • Plenty of experience – Experience is crucial for a successful move, especially for companies specialized in moving certain items, like piano movers FL. Movers with a lot of relocation behind them will ensure that your relocation is smoothness, stress-free and on time.
Check, and then double-check your movers.

Focus on the terms of use in the moving contract

Contracts are usually very boring to read, so people easily lose their focus and put down their signature. If you do the same, you can’t blame anyone but yourself if something unpredictable happens.

That is why it is crucial to read the entire moving contract thoroughly. Even a few times, until you understand everything. Any time you stumble upon a feature that isn’t completely clear to you, ask movers to clarify. Shipping furniture across the country is new to you, and it’s their job to explain to you all the details.

Women signing a moving contract
Take as long as you need and ask as many questions as you feel necessary.

If you notice that representative is getting restless and try to speed this process, pay no attention. After all, you are placing your whole household and money into the mover’s hands. You have every right to know exactly what you are signing.

You need to read every word carefully in order not to miss anything. Focus your attention mostly on the terms of use. Depending on the quota you are agreeing to, it should contain the final price. Payment methods and conditions should also be stated.

No matter what, never sign a blank contract!
That is the worst possible scenario that leaves all the doors open. Even if the owner of the moving company is your family or closest friend, every item has to be in writing. In the case that your relocation takes the wrong turn, the moving contract is there to protect you. If you sign a blank one, movers can write down whatever suits their best interest.

All the moving details that you discuss in person with the movers should also be a part of the contract. Read it from the top to the bottom, even for several times.

Watch out for the fine print!

You will find the fine print in every contract. No matter are you signing an agreement with the bank, telephone company or movers. There will always be some hardly noticeably paragraph written in the small font. It can easily escape your eyes since it is hard to notice.

That is why you should look for it specifically. It is the section of the contract that usually contains the most important information. In the case of the moving contract, such paragraph commonly regard the conditions for making a claim against the company.

Once you know what you’re looking for, it will be easier to spot it.

Magnifying glass- Bring it when signing the moving contract
By all means, bring the magnifier. Those are your belongings and your money, so make sure to protect them.

Are all the items listed on the inventory sheet?

When a representative of the moving company does an estimation, he will probably make an inventory list. That list will contain all the items that you are relocation. It will be right next to your moving contract and you should check it out before signing.

Don’t just graze it with your eye. Take time and read it thoroughly to make sure that all your items are on the list. Movers will be liable only to the things that are listed on the inventory sheet.

Speaking of inventory sheet, it has to be comprehensive. Meaning every item should be individually listed. Once you are absolutely certain that all the items are on the sheet, and that all other features are in order, you can sign your moving contract.