Ways to prepare your kids for a cross country move to Miami

Preparing for the move is hard enough, and with the kids, it can be even more difficult to pull off. However, do remember that people do it all the time! Pulling off a cross country move to Miami with kids can seem challenging, but with some preparation beforehand it can be done. The move gives you and your family a fresh start. Moreover, transitioning into your new life can come with some obstacles, but there are also benefits you get out of it. So, here is how to prepare your kids for a cross country move to Miami

Talk to them in advance

Chances are, you’re going to know about your move long before you move. Use that time you’ve got wisely – explain to your children that you are going to move and explain to them why. You can use this opportunity to explain that the relocation to Miami will be fantastic for them and that you’ve already hired some cross country movers. Moreover, there are a lot of fun things to do in Miami, plus everything they haven’t tried in the past. Meeting new friends, experiencing a new school, being closer to the beach, etc. Giving them the time and the benefits will greatly help them come to terms with it.

Four boys playing in a grass field
Talking to your kids in advance will help them get used to the new house sooner.

Tell them what they will get to do after a cross country move to Miami

Kids love exploring new places. Miami is a great opportunity for this. It has a lot to offer and this can prove to be a valuable experience for your family. Exploring a new city is always thrilling, but letting the kids know in advance what they are going to see is a good idea. This might relax them a bit from all the fuss that comes when a move to Miami is mentioned. As you’ve already probably looked for moving services Florida and hired one of them, now it’s time to plan what you’ll do in your new home city. Here is a list of things your kids might find enjoyable in Miami:

  • FunDimension – includes arcade games, bumper cars, laser tags, and other fun activities.
  • Planet Kids InDoor Playground and Café – great for any parties or birthdays after a cross country move to Miami
  • Miami Children’s Museum – a non-profit institution that hosts a variety of events, such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles exhibition and others
  • Jungle-Island – an eco-adventure park.
  • And many other places!

Tell them why you are moving

There are a lot of different reasons one decides it’s time to relocate to a new state, including Miami. Telling your kids the reason might help them understand. Alternatively, you can try giving them a reason they will be satisfied with. For example, if your kid enjoys playing in the backyard, and your new Miami home happens to have a bigger backyard, you can let them know you’re moving so they have a bigger playground!

Kids love any attention they can get, and making the move revolve around them might help them be happy about it. Alternatively, if you’ve got more older kids, giving them the correct reason is the best option. Tell them you’ve already hired one of the cross country movers Miami, this will help them get used to it more quickly. Alternatively, ask your friends and family. A lot of people move around, and chances are a lot of the people you know will have some advice to give you.

A boy playing on a swing, as another girl watches him.
Talking to your youngsters about important things is crucial, even more so when you’re trying to prepare your kids for a cross country move to Miami

Packing with your kids

While that might not seem like the best solution, letting them help you pack might be a good thing. You’ve probably already negotiated everything regarding packing with some of the interstate movers Florida and might feel like kids will get in your way. However, consider giving them a box to at least pack their toys themselves. While at it, let them pick their most favorite toys and put them in a special box (the one you’ll give to them immediately after a cross country move to Miami). This way they can get some sense of control about the whole interstate moving and will feel helpful. They might even enjoy it. Alternatively, let them help you with taping the boxes (if that’s what you’re doing). The bottom line is, let them help you in some way.

Unpacking in Miami

Again, giving them an ‘easy’ box to unpack is a good idea, too. Let them unpack their toys in their new room and give them some sense of control by letting them put the new toys around. While at it, why not give them the empty boxes to play with? Kids love to make ‘fortresses’ and ‘caves’ out of the boxes. Use the unpacking part to have more fun with your kids. This can also help them get used to the house more quickly. Before filling in their room with all the furniture, why not ask them where would they like their beds to be? That way, they’re given a chance to make decisions about themselves and be part of the process. This is important to children.

A set ot Toy Story toys looking towards a boy in the distance, after a cross country move to Miami
Unpacking is how you finish your move, letting your kids contribute is a great idea.

Prepare your kids for a cross country move to Miami by following this guide

Devising a simple plan on how to deal with your kids when relocating can be your key to success. To some, this process might seem simple enough. On the other hand, to others, it may pose as very hard. The main takeaway is that it can be done with some preparation. The key thing when trying to prepare your kids for a cross country move to Miami is to think about how they might react and prepare accordingly. Kids love being involved, contributing, and supporting you – so by letting them do just that, you might be able to get them excited about the relocation. This way you’re going to bond with your children throughout the process and get a fresh boost to your relationship with them in your new Miami home.