Ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move

The whole process of moving evokes a lot of stress on people. However, what most people don’t realize is that anxiety doesn’t stop when the last moving box is unpacked. It goes way beyond that. Saying good-bye to old friends, closing the door to your old life, and opening new a new door full of opportunities can be a very challenging experience. But don’t fret. That’s where learning the ways of keeping in touch after long distance move comes into play. Mastering the skill of being close with people whilst living far away can pay dividends down the road. Not just for you, but for future relationships. It is a useful trait to have. So, let’s teach you how to master it.

Two stuffed animals sadly embracing
Relocating to a new location and saying good-bye to old friends can feel like the end of the world.

A few notes on dealing with homesickness after the move

Let’s start off by saying that feeling sad, or down, even a little blue, is all okay. Moving is tough. And it can take a lot out of a person. Physically and emotionally. It’s important to acknowledge that and accept those feelings for what they are. And that there really is no right or wrong way to process them. Some people might look like they can continue with their life normally as if nothing happened, while others curl into a ball and cry out all night. That’s okay. Allow yourself to be sad. However, you must also make sure to keep those emotions in check so they don’t control you. Talking with friends and family about your feelings might help. But trying to focus on building new relationships and trying less to obsess over keeping in touch with old friends might be just what the doctor ordered.

  • a word of caution: make sure that what you really are feeling is homesickness and not just sadness or depression because of something else that has been bothering you. Don’t be afraid to consult a therapist who will help you work through those emotions.

Ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move

If you asked a person thirty years ago about how to keep in touch with people after a long distance move their answer would be totally different then if you would’ve asked that question today. A phone call and a postcard are all that they had back in the day. And if you went even further than that, communication before the 20th century was mostly done through written letters. However, today it’s a different story altogether. The internet has opened the flood gates to the fruition of information. Things like how to ship an upright piano across the country can be found in a matter of seconds. Not only that but the internet has allowed us to communicate in ways we didn’t think possible before. From simple text messages, voice calls to video calls and conference calls.

Social Media

A person holding a phone with all the icons of social networks visiable
Social media has allowed us to be more connected than ever before. Make sure you use that to keep your old relationships alive!

You probably haven’t given it much thought but social media was and still is a tool that allows you to keep your relationship intact. You can keep tabs on your friends and family members over Facebook, share pictures over Instagram, hone your hobbies over Pinterest, and share your thoughts on Twitter. For as much slack that it has been getting, social media is a really good means of keeping in touch with your friends and family members! Oh and P.S. if you decide to move cross country with kids these platforms we mentioned above are a great way to help them cope with relocation.

Ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move – video calls

Video conferencing is another cool invention of the internet. Skype, Viber, Discord are all communication devices that will allow you to have a group chat in live video. Which is an awesome way to keep in touch after a move. If set up correctly, you can even play games (playing card games, board games, etc.) Just don’t forget to arrange a time of day so everyone can be on the call with you! If you make it a habit to hop on a video call every month at an arranged time it might do wonders for your relationships!


An old envelope tied in with a quill
While writing letters seems like a thing of past, it’s a good way of showing a person how much you care about them.

Now there are a few options here. You can either go old-school and decide to write a letter to an old pal of yours, or you could send an e-mail. There’s a certain type of pazazz in writing a letter to someone. It signals that you went above and beyond the requirements of what people expect you to do. Which is always heartwarming if you decide to write an old school letter. However, you can also send an e-mail to a pal of yours. There are numerous ways of making e-mails a fun activity, so make sure to try it out yourself!

A road trip

If you thought that when you hired long distance movers Orlando and moved to Disney World meant that you were never going back to your old place you were far from the truth! Just because you relocated doesn’t mean you can’t go back and visit friends and family members! What do you know? Maybe booking tickets and letting your friends know you are coming might be just what you need!

Ways of keeping in touch after a long distance move, in conclusion

Feeling homesick is a natural side effect of moving to a new location. And while feeling sad is normal, you should always try to build new relationships more than to obsess with old ones. However, that also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep in touch with your old friends, especially in this day and age where saying hello is literally a mouse click away.

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