Unpacking with a baby after a cross-country move

A cross-country move is a challenging thing, especially with a baby. Whether you have a newborn or a toddler, all babies need time and attention! You can think about unpacking and handling a baby and get chills, but don’t worry- we understand.  Babies can be quite unpredictable, and make your unpacking a nightmare. However, with some quality organization and timely preparation, you can do it without (too much) stress! Our best cross country movers have collected some tips on unpacking with a baby, so kick back and relax!

unpacking with a baby
Unpacking with a baby can sound like a nightmare, but can actually be quite smooth!

Prepare and unpack the nursery first

This one makes sense, right? If you unpack the nursery first you can relax and know that everything is ready for your baby. On a moving day ask the movers to load the nursery items last (crib, changing table..), so they can unload them first. Ask our cross country movers Florida to assemble the crib (and everything you need) first, so you can give your baby space to nap. This way you can keep your baby’s routine somewhat unchanged and continue unpacking the rest of the house!

Unpacking with a baby is done best during the baby’s naps

You should try and have a routine– when is your baby sleeping, eating, and so on. This way you can make a schedule and stick to it, so your unpacking will be easier. If you know how much time you have and when you can plan what you want to unpack. For example, if the baby is napping for an hour, you shouldn’t start handling the kitchen. Also, if you don’t have the time you can use storage Florida and avoid making your house a mess!

man playing with a baby sitting on the floor
Create a routine, so you can know how much time you have for unpacking!

Prepare everything you can in advance

Whether you need to ship car from Florida to California or clean the house, you should do some things in advance. Babies are sensitive, so the house should be clean and ready before the moving day. Schedule a full cleaning, change the air filters, and stock up the pantry in advance. Those things can be done before the move, and make your life so much easier when you start unpacking with your baby.

You have to baby-proof the house

With all the stress during the moving day, it can be easy to forget to baby-proof the place. This is super important, especially if you have a toddler who is up and about! This is a difficult job, but you shouldn’t take any chances. If you can, ask someone to watch the baby during the moving day while you baby-proof the house. Here are some tips on how to quickly child-proof a home on moving day, so you can know what to expect!

Here were some tips on unpacking with a baby after a cross-country move. We know it can sound stressful, but don’t worry- you got this!