Ultimate checklist for moving back from college

The time has come to move home back from college. And as before, you must pack, organize your relocation, find Florida movers, and pack adequately. But to keep up with all those moving tasks and manage all your studies and final exams, you must create a checklist for moving back from college. A simple list with all moving-related tasks that will keep you on the right path. Let us help you create one.

Create your moving plan for coming back from college

Your moving plan should be personal and simple. Cover all moving-related chores, errands, and responsibilities one should cover before the moving day. List the following:

  • Info about movers and moving services.
  • Packing plan.
  • Legalities.
  • Moving budget.
  • Contact friends and family.
  • Other moving-related errands.
person creating a checklist for moving back from college
Gather all the information necessary and put it all down onto the moving checklist.

Gradually get your tasks off the list one by one. Your checklist for coming back from college will keep you up to date and it won’t let you forget a thing. Besides, most of the information you must share with your long distance movers Florida. So, make sure you create one.

Scheduling movers should be on your checklist for moving back from college

Your checklist for moving back from college must include everything about moving services and info about Orlando long distance movers you have hired. Simply because you have a lot on your plate and if you need to give them a call and consult about anything, you should have all the information right there in front of you. As for a search for the right moving company, you will easily do it over the internet. Just make sure you choose the licensed moving company with all the equipment to successfully complete this task.

One more thing, in case you had more stuff than your dorm room could hold and you rented one of the storage units  Florida, you must prepare the packing plan for it as well. Visit your unit as soon as you realize your moving date and clean, pack, and prepare all your items.

Notify your friends and family

Before you hit the road, you must coordinate all steps with your friends and family. Ok, maybe your family members are enough and you can surprise your friends with the homecoming. Usually, it goes the other way around simply because you are too busy to orchestrate any parties or welcoming dinners while organizing a move. On the other hand, your close family must know when you are coming and what they can do to make it easier for you. If necessary, one of them can even come to you to help you pack. But the best thing they can do is to prepare your room so you can settle in as soon as you arrive. After a long journey, this will be the only thing you’ll need.

two friends packing
Tell your friends you are coming home and maybe some of them will assist you with the packing process.

Pack and get ready for the journey

Now when you have found a moving company and assembled a moving plan, you should start packing for the journey. Cover packing the same way you did when you were starting your year in college. You’ll need a few moving boxes, packing tape, a bit of bubble wrap, and a label for each box. And remember to fit all moving services and packing materials nicely into your moving budget. Unless you added something along the way. In that case, you must revise your plan and moving price and add the difference upon the delivery.

Having a checklist for moving back from college is highly recommended. Even if you think that this is just a simple relocation, you can easily forget something. There are still items you must relocate, a few legalities you must handle, and a bunch of friends to say goodbye to. Not to mention that you are still attending classes while making your relocation plans. Therefore, create this list so you won’t forget something along the way. Good luck!