Top college towns in Florida

Are you wondering which are the top college towns in Florida? Well, wonder no more. After finishing high school many choose to continue their studies and go to college. By doing so they become the new hope for our country. So where do these future doctors, scientists, lawyers, and so on go to live? Well, that would of course be the college towns. But what separates a good college town from the rest? That is highly dependent on what we are looking for when deciding which one is best suited for us. So before you contact moving companies in Florida you need to decide where you are moving to! Here are some of the top college towns in the Sunshine State.

Why is Florida the place for you?

Going to any college is a nice experience that helps kids grow into adults. Not only by learning for their future jobs but also by shaping them into mature members of the society. There are many college places in Florida,  all with some similarities and differences but what all of them have in common is a bundle of experiences waiting for you. Not everything is about studying all day and staying in your room.

Florida is the state where warm weather is present most of the time. Bathed in sunlight, boosting its tropical weather it’s a heaven for those who dislike the cold. Also from time to time, there would be a quick shower to cool down things as well. So college cities in Florida are filled with palms, open spaces, and many more outdoor attractions. And no matter what you decide all you have to do is contact your moving company.

A woman waling around college towns in Florida
When picking a perfect college town first think of what you are looking for. Is it relaxing and sports or nightlife?

Coral Gabes

The first college town in Florida we would recommend is Coral Gabes. It’s a city located 7 miles southwest of Downtown Miami, Florida. Its population was estimated to be around 49,348 in the 2020 census. It’s a diverse town with weary good nightlife, perfect for those who like clubbing. Also, it has nice weather and stunning beaches making it a haven for outdoor activities as well as sunbathing. Swimming, diving, snorkeling as well as many other sports are big hits in this and some other college towns.

  • University of Miami, Coral Gables. A private university located in Coral Gables. It offers 134 undergraduate, 148 master’s, and 67 doctoral degree programs. And since its founding in 1925, it attracted many students not only from Florida but other states as well as from over 150 other countries.
  • Florida International University. This is a top public university that strives for real talent and innovation not just in Florida but globally as well. It has two campuses and multiple centers and focuses on the areas of environment, health, innovation, and justice.


Second, on the list of top college towns in the Sunshine State is Clearwater. It’s a town that gives off an urban feel, with many nice places to shop. Not only does it have nice weather but it also has one of the most beautiful beaches in all of America. It’s not an overstatement to say it’s not only one of the top college towns but also the country. All you need to do is contact long distance movers Miami, and enjoy your college days.

  • St. Petersburg College. There are tons of options at St. Petersburg College. It offers more than 110 academic programs, as well as affordable tuition, small classes, and unwavering support for its future students.
  • University of South Florida, St. Petersburg. The campus library is home to 200,000 books and grants you access to more than 720,000 ebooks, 18,000 streaming films, and documentaries. It also has a range of courses for everyone as well as overvaluing support.

    Beach and sun
    Many college towns in Florida have beautiful beaches and warm weather all year round.

Fort Myers

One of the top college towns in Florida is Fort Myers. Named the fastest-growing city in America Fort Mayers in 2010 had its population estimated at around  62,298 and in 2019 it jumped up to 87,103. It’s the gateway to the southwest Florida region and a major tourist destination, and also one of Florida’s best college places. The weather is beach-ready all year round. Also, the nightlife is known to be fantastic. It’s a nice pick for anyone who wants to relax during the day and party all night long. And the good thing is that you can easily hire some of the best residential movers Florida has to offer in Fort Myers. 

  • Hodges University. It’s a private nonprofit university in Fort Mayers. When it was opened in 1990 it went under a different name. But after a 2007 donation of 12milion dollars, it changed its name to Hodges.
  • Florida Gulf Coast University Cohen Center. This university offers comprehensive academic programs. It also promotes thorough scholarship and professional preparation. And at the same time provides opportunities to explore interdisciplinary paths.
  • Kaiser University. It’s a valuable partner to employers and the community. But above all, it’s a nice choice for students that are serious about their education and career.
    Students throwing graduation hats in the air
    Many students decide to stay and find a job and live in their college town. Some stay because they like the town, some because of work or people.


What do you want to get out of your college town?

After much research, it was said that college students are one of the biggest users of storage services. And that’s because most of them are not only there to study but after finishing school most of them decide to stay in the college town they chose. And it’s no different for college towns in Florida. Storage Florida is used as a place that holds items as students finish school or are transitioning from their dorms into their new homes.

Are you looking for top college towns in Florida only for the years you will spend in college or is it also a potential new home? Do you want a place where you can relax after studies or somewhere where you can party all the way to morning hours? There are different people and different college towns that cater to them all. But what we can say for certain is that all of them have your education as their top priority.