Tips to Declutter and Organize Your Home for Seniors

If you are reading this article you probably need to declutter and organize your home for seniors. Most likely that you have stopped caring about organizing your belongings and now you have a mountain of stuff staring you down. From old sweaters to family photos and more. You simply can’t decide what you want to keep, and what to throw away. However, you have made a conscious choice to tidy up. Either because it’s making your moving space less optimal, or because you have decided to move to a new place. Whatever the case may be, you are probably asking yourself one question. What is the most efficient way to do this? What’s the quickest way to tidy up your belongings, without throwing away things that you might need at a later date? Well if these are the questions you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Declutter and organize your home for seniors – the ultimate guide

Once in everyone’s life comes the time to hire senior movers. This is a difficult period to be sure. Most commonly seniors downsize their houses so that their new homes are more in accordance with the changes in their lifestyle. All that of course, brings a lot of challenges the seniors must face. Since moving is a multi-faceted complex event, it is no doubt that this brings stress in their lives. Trying to balance out packing, moving and relocating can be very hard. Especially when you are a senior. That’s why you want to lower that stress by controlling the things you have control over. For example, packing. You are the one who decides what you are going to pack. And the fewer items you need to pack, the easier it will be for you. And the more care-free you become. So hop on in and find out exactly how.

Seniors walking
There comes a time in life when even seniors have to move.

The triple “D’s”

The best way to start with declutter and organize your home for seniors is to use the triple D method. Triple D is an acronym for “donate“, “destroy” (throw away) and “don’t throw away” (keep).

So with that acronym in mind, gather all your stuff in one pile and then start rummaging.

Any item that you find that you do not need and that cannot be used by anyone else should go in the “destroy” pile. In other words, you might consider taking those things to the garbage bin. However, if you find things that you don’t need but can still be used by other people you should place them in the “donate” pile. Either by donating items to thrift shops. Giving them away to humanitarian organizations, or to friends and family members. Anything that can be gifted goes into this pile.

Lastly, the “don’t throw away” pile is comprised out of things that you need but don’t use on a regular basis. A good idea here is to find some Storage FL and store those things one the need for them arises.

declutter and organize your home
It can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when stuff accumulates.

The KonMari method

Okay but what about the things that I need and use on a regular basis? What should I do with those items? That’s an excellent question! That brings us to our second method. The KonMari method actually is an excellent tool that can help you decide what items you should keep and what items you shouldn’t. This is done by asking yourself one simple question that requires an honest answer. Does this item bring me joy? If the answer is yes then, of course, you keep it. However, if the answer is no, then you need to decide what you should do with that item. In that regard, we recommend you use the triple D method mentioned above, and either throw away, donate or keep in storage.

Clean and tidy desk
Tidying up leaves a lot of empty space for you to bask in.

Declutter and organize your home by removing obstacles

Normally after you have finished the above-mentioned protocol you should be left with a small number of belongings. However, we are going to declutter even more. What we mean by that is that we are going to remove any items that could cause injury. Like a trip or a slip that would, in turn, result in a fall.  That might mean you are going to need to disassemble furniture when moving or throwing away old rugs that collect dust. Or honestly, anything in between that might pose a hazard to your health.

This is more of an organizational tip but…

After you have decluttered everything you should be left with only the things you use on a regular basis. Of those things, we recommend you find out what are your top 3 items you use daily. A good exercise here could be to ask yourself the question of what top 3 items you cannot live without. After you have found out your top used items, make sure to keep them close by. Just keep in mind that some items are simply not possible to keep near you. For example, if you need to ship car from Florida to California you are going to have to reconcile with the fact that you are not going to have your car around during the actual move.

Last but not least…

Do not forget that you are a senior. And that it is okay to ask for help. Either ask a family member or a friend. They will be more than happy to help you. However, you can also hire a moving company to help you with this task. Since these companies have years of experience under their belt. They will be able to help you in no time flat. However, the downside is that they can be a bit pricey. So what we recommend is to hire us, as we are a broker company that will find the best quality and cheapest moving company that will do the job equally good.