Tips for when you get there before your belongings

Congratulations on your move! Moving is a big step, but we are sure that you already know that. The day is here, you are all ready and waiting for the new chapter to begin- exciting, right? Many people imagine moving day, well as one day! You wake up, movers come and pack everything, they go to the new place and unpack it, and that’s it! However, it’s not always like this and sometimes it takes time for your stuff to come, so you arrive home first! This usually happens during the cross-country move, but rest assured that our best cross country movers will get them to you FAST! However, you can use this time to do some quality work around the house, so you can relax later! Here are some tips for when you get there before your belongings.

Prepare the house if you get there before your belongings

We know that maybe you’re not in the mood to deal with the cleaning, but trust us- you will thank us later! Buy (or bring with yourself) all the cleaning supplies you will need and get to work. You should ask the movers for an estimated time of arrival, so you will know how much time you have. You can clean the bathrooms, prepare the patio, and even make an access path for the movers! Moving from California to Florida may sound like a lot of work, but the best way to start it is with a clean house!

sweeping floor
Clean your home before movers arrive

Help your family settle down

Using this extra time you have when you get there before your belongings is a good thing to connect with your family. Cross country moves are not easy, and someone can be feeling sad. Before things start getting hectic you can check up on your family, especially the kids. Kids can react to moving differently, so it’s best to include them in the process. You can either stock up on some fun games (or create them!), or include them in the cleaning. This way you can see their mood, but also let them feel included and like ‘grown-ups’. If you use storage units in Florida you will have even more time to help your family get settled down, so consider this too!

an empty room when you get there before your belongings
moving to a new home can be a shock for your kids – let them addapt by including them in the moving process

Consider how much time you will wait for your belongings 

This one is also very important. If your items take more than a day or two to arrive, consider your options. You can stay in your new home, but you will need to prepare everything in advance. Prepare some overnight bags, including a change of clothes, favorite books (or anything), and a set of fresh bedding and towels for everyone! Piano movers Florida will be there to help you out if you have a piano or other bulky items, but some preparations you need to do on your own! Another option (if you have the time and money) is a short vacation!

This was a short list of what you can do when you get there before your belongings! If you need be sure to find good moving professionals that will help you out. Good luck!