Tips for moving your office long distance

Office moves are stressful enough when you’re just moving across the street. Imagine, then, how much of an ordeal it can be when you move a business hundreds of miles away. It’s a serious undertaking, to be sure. But moving your office long distance doesn’t have to be all that terrifying. With the right mindset and advice, you can turn that fear into a challenge you’ll be more than capable of overcoming. So how do you move your business long distance? Here are some handy moving and packing tips for businesses.

Hire professionals for moving your office long distance

If you’re looking for a practical, straightforward solution, then it doesn’t get simpler than hiring professional movers. If they’re worth their salt, these folks know their stuff. They have both the experience and the equipment to move your company in short notice. This is especially true if you specifically look for commercial movers Florida calls its own, given that they specialize in what you need.

You might hesitate at the thought of hiring professional help. How much could it cost to move your business long distance with professionals? What if they’re no good at their job? Well, luckily, the Internet is a thing today, and you can easily check what people say about moving companies. Nowadays, you can find reputable moving companies (much like Cross Country Moving Group FL) and rest assured that they won’t be up to any foul play.

And price-wise, you’ll find that most movers don’t really cost an arm and a leg, even the great ones. And considering the benefits of a quick, safe long distance office relocation, the price tag is well worth it.

Never delay moving your office long distance

The best mindset to keep when relocating your business is one of due diligence. When it comes to moving your office long distance, laziness and procrastination need to go out the window. Leaving everything for another day can lead to all sorts of mishaps. After all, a job done in a rush is likely to fall apart with the most minor of inconveniences.

To that end, you should complete any available task as soon as it becomes feasible to do so. This goes for everyone, whether they want to hire movers or not. So get in touch with a company of your choice and arrange everything as soon as you can. Make use of any services they can provide that save you time.

A road sign with "now" and "later" written on it, the "later" being crossed out
Leaving everything mover-related for later will only leave you with a plate full of trouble

If you’re going it alone, be even more cautious. Pack anything that you can ahead of time, even if your business is still running. Get all the packing supplies even before that, and take any relevant precautions. Take photos of every piece of equipment and every asset so that you know how it looked before the move. Without the right long distance movers Florida is home to, a far away move can prove dangerous for these items.

Make the move well-known in your company ahead of time

While caught up in how to move all of your business’ equipment, you may forget to think of what makes any company what it is: the staff. After all, your company’s relocation deeply impacts the lives of those who work there. Not letting them know anything about it is simply ludicrous. Transparency is one of the pillars of building trust between your business and its workers.

Therefore, make it a priority to let everyone know that you have decided to relocate the business. Answer any questions your employees may have, and clear the air around any uncertainties. Inform them about the new location as much as you can, and keep everyone in the loop in regards to developments both old and new. This will all make moving your office long distance much less stressful for everyone involved.

Moving your office long distance: a casual business meeting
Let everyone in your office know everything they need or want to know about moving your office long distance

The first ones to know about the big move, in most cases, are the IT people. That’s because relocating their department can be particularly tricky. They handle a lot of equipment, and they know the systems and servers well. And since the software needs to be in place before practically anything else, that means that they will need extra time to set everything up. Though locally-based or interstate movers Florida can offer you will handle most of the move well, the setup of the IT department is out of their hands.

The packing stage is crucial

Packing is where most of the action before moving day takes place. How you do the packing will dictate how much work you will have to do after the move. To keep the ensuing hassle to a minimum, keep tabs on everything. Make an inventory of all items (photos included); track all appointments, quotes, and arrangements so that you don’t see any surprises down the line. As long as you have it written down, you won’t have to bother remembering it.

Get the employees involved

Some professional moving services include packing. So, if you’re, let’s say, relocating to or from Tampa, some long distance movers Tampa provides can pack up your things.  If you’ve hired movers, they’ve probably already let you know if they can or will do the packing for you.

"Help" written out in chalk with a hand pointing at the "e"
A little help from everybody will make the whole relocation much faster

If they will do the packing for you, don’t just sit back and twiddle your thumbs. Rather, have your employees help out a bit by packing all the knick-knacks and small items lying around. Moving your company long distance goes by much faster if everyone contributes.

Don’t skimp on packing supplies

No matter what kind of business you’re running, odds are that you’re handling some valuable equipment. Do you really want it to end up damaged at the end of the move because of low-quality packing materials? Buying a new computer definitely costs you more than buying some foam peanuts.

There’s no real need to cut costs on packing supplies. Get a lot of them and get the top-shelf ones. Your business assets are at stake, after all. You’ll need the following, among other things:

  • pens or markers,
  • cardboard moving boxes,
  • packing tape,
  • clear zip-locked bags,
  • bubble wrap (or moving blankets).

When you’re moving your office long distance, there’s little use cutting corners. The best tools at your disposal should be the only ones to consider.