Tips for moving large appliances in Florida

There are millions of relocations over the year and they all have the same problem. Yes, the robust and hard-to-handle furniture. Or should we say extremely hard and heavy appliances? Some are heave while others are simple tricky or delicate to handle. You’ll need to adequately prepare them, find Orlando long distance movers to assist you, and secure the parameter to get them on the other side safely. Such a task seems hard at first but with a good plan, it can be done easily. Therefore, today we will show you how moving large appliances in Florida can be done without too much struggle. Let’s take a look.

Moving large appliances in Florida – The preparations

For such a big project, you must create a safe moving plan. This means you must know how many appliances you have and what kind. Also, you must take all the measurements so you can prepare adequately. Moreover, you should inspect the environment as well and measure hallways, doors, and staircases. This way you’ll know if you can move all the appliances through your home safely. After you gather all the mandatory info, call your long distance movers Miami and provide it to them. They need it to prepare the right tools and bring enough people for the job. All in order to create the most affordable, safe, and efficient moving plan.

kitchen cabinets and appliances
You must prepare all your appliances for the journey. Be sure to read the instructions manual as well.

Moving large appliances in Florida with the right moving company by your side

One thing is certain, you can’t be moving large appliances in Florida alone. You must seek professional help for this task. Unless you have all the knowledge, tools, and the appropriate vehicle for it. But let’s be real. The moving company has everything you need and all in one place. They have the license, all moving services required, the equipment, enough manpower, knowledge, and experience. All you must do is to find the one that suits you the most. Hence, go online and apply your search criteria to find one.

After an hour the most, you’ll have your candidate. Give them a call after you compare prices, services, and read a few moving reviews. Although, if you have no time to search for movers on your own, we can recommend Cross Country Moving Group. Check them out and find anything moving-related one should know. The best moving service is just around the corner. You’ll be most satisfied.

Get rid of the old appliances

You must check all the appliances you have at home before you start moving large appliances. Maybe there is something you shouldn’t bring with you at all. You surely have a piece or two in your garage waiting to be repaired. Hence, inspect all your units and figure out if something can be donated, recycled, or simply thrown away. Do not waste time with it because it can only clutter your space. Besides, think about it for a moment and be honest with yourself. When will you repair that unit?

Moreover, if you remove some of the old appliances, you’ll have more space for the new ones and your relocation will be easier and cheaper. But if you do not like this idea, at least consider renting one of the storage units in Florida and keep all your excess items there. If you obtain such a space, then you can store more than just appliances. Think about this option.

Secure and pack your appliances

To pack your appliance in the safest way possible, you will need the mandatory set of packing materials. Those are the following:

  • Cardboard boxes – You can use customized boxes or manufacturer’s boxes that came with the unit.
  • Packing tape – A higher-quality adhesive tape is required.
  • Labels – Each box must have a label with the name of the unit on it.
  • Blister packs – Each unit must be wrapped in bubble wrap.
use better quality packing materials when moving large appliances in Florida
Purchase better-quality duct tape and use it to secure cords and doors on all units.

You can obtain all these materials at the nearest hardware store or at the home depot. If you do not have time to visit the store, talk to your moving company, they surely can supply the whole batch easily. Once you have your materials, you can start packing. Detach cords, remove batteries, and remove all power sources from the unit. Empty liquids, dry them out, and clean them thoroughly. Then, remove blades, plastic parts, and small parts as well. After you covered this part, you can wrap the unit in a blister pack, place it inside the box, tuck it in, and tape the box down. Place the label on it and you are done.

It is time to load the moving truck

Appliances are heavy and dangerous to move. As we already stipulated, if you do not know how to handle them or you do not have the right tools to do it, you can hurt yourself or damage something. Therefore, let your movers handle this part. They know how to load the moving truck safely. Besides, you are paying them to do it so you won’t have to get yourself in harm’s way.

Moving large appliances in Florida is not so hard at all. If you secure your appliances correctly and label each unit in the right way, no one will get hurt. Also, ensure you hire the right company for the job and you won’t have to worry for a second. Good luck and stay safe.