Tips and Methods for Picking a Car Shipping Company

Moving across the country sure is a challenge. It takes a lot of time and preparation in order for this relocation to go smoothly and efficiently. Among the challenges you can face while moving long-distance is transporting your car. While some people opt to plan a fun road trip and drive to their destination, others choose to fly out. When the latter is the case, these people still need to somehow get access to their car after they have relocated. That’s where auto transport Florida comes into play. When a company has years of experience in transporting other people’s cars, then you know you can trust them to do a good job. Here are a few methods of picking a car shipping company you can hire to assist you in your relocation. 

navigation on a phone in a car
Road tripping to your new home sure sounds like fun – but not to everyone.

Picking a car shipping company doesn’t have to be complicated

However, it needs to be thorough. Not every company will suit your needs and we highly recommend that you conduct proper research before you go into business with them. The moving industry is highly competitive nowadays, and you should make sure that you don’t fall into a scam when you ask for professional moving help. Beginning your research on time will help you check each box on your moving checklist, including picking a car shipping company that will be completely reliable.

What questions do you need to ask when picking a car shipping company?

If you haven’t used these services before, there are a few key questions you should ask before you settle on a car shipping company. Here are a few examples that professional recommend you should get answers to before you start moving to Florida:

“What do I need to do?”

Transporting a car to your destination is all about teamwork. Unlike loading boxes and furniture on a moving truck and trusting that the driver is reliable, this takes a lot more preparation. When picking a car shipping company, it is crucial that you choose one that will already know what you should do and how the process will go. That means that they have done this same job hundreds of times and that they know how it is supposed to go. For instance, you may need to inform your insurance company, to let them know that you will have the car transported. The shipping company might also need you to completely empty the car, and prepare some paperwork.

“How much do car shipping services cost?”

Staying within a set budget is important to everyone, and we completely understand that. Much like you can get a free estimate from your moving company, you can get the same one for your car. There is only one difference. While some moving companies will give you an approximate estimate, and the final bill may differ, this is usually not the case with car shipping companies. They will need to know the following details:

  • The distance you want the car shipped
  • The time you want it there
  • Make, year and model of your vehicle
  • The state your car is in

These are the most common things a serious car shipping company will look out for. However, once they know all that, they will give you a set price which won’t change later on. Experts advise that you should get at least 4-5 estimates before you begin picking a car shipping company.

a 4x4 truck in the sunset
The price of the transport of your car will depend on many factors – including its size and model.

“Do I need to ask about insurance when picking a car shipping company?”

All reliable car shipping companies should have a proper license and insurance certification. However, it is up to a particular company what that insurance will actually cover. Some may only offer one kind of coverage, while others make a difference between primary and secondary coverage. When choosing a company to work with, ask them all these questions before you settle on one. For instance, another difference may be that one company will theft and/or loss, but will not cover damages, while another one will. Also, they all handle accidents in a different way. Unexpected things can happen on the road, and whilst it may not be the driver’s fault, your vehicle may be damaged during transport. Make sure to ask what their procedure is when/if such things occur.

“What do other customers have to say about the company?”

In the golden age on the internet, you can now easily read reviews of past customers and make a judgment about a company based on honest and true opinions. Of course, word of mouth is still a great way to get a recommendation for a company whose services you need, but in case those are lacking, the internet is your best friend. Sure, a company will usually write a bit about themselves and the services they offer, and while that’s a great idea to form an opinion about them, reviews will help clarify it a bit. You will see whether these services are truly compatible with your needs, and which company (out of many) will go out of their way to ensure your car transport goes smoothly and without any problems.

truck transporting old cars
Reading online reviews and making sure the company is reliable will ensure that your car is not transported like this.

“How are they going to deliver my car?”

When you’re relocating, you’re expecting your moving company to deliver your boxes and belongings at your doorstep. Some even offer to unpack them for you as well! With car shipping companies, it’s not always the case. While some may offer door-to-door delivery, others can ask of you to pick up the car at a local depot. This can also affect the total price of your shipment, as the latter option is oftentimes a bit cheaper. Keep in mind that some companies may charge per day at the depot – so if you’re not able to pick up the car the day it arrives, it may end up being a more expensive option!