Things to think about one week before your long-distance move?

Moving is notoriously hard. You need to have sharp organizational and planning skills, and unmitigated discipline. On top of all that you need to know all the moving tricks so you can move smart and efficiently. However, if you need to move long-distances you better watch out. Moving across the country can pack a serious punch. That’s why we recommend that you seriously and meticulously approach your move. We recommend that you think about these three things one week before your long-distance move. Cross Country Moving Group is one of the best moving companies in Florida. In fact, we are not a moving company. We are a licensed, reputable moving broker. With our database of moving companies, we can negotiate cheap and affordable prices with other moving companies on behalf of our clients. You can never go wrong by choosing us for your next move.

moving truck
Moving long-distances can be a logistical nightmare. That’s why we recommend that you hire professional movers to help.

Things to think about one week before your long-distance move

After months of planning, organizing, and preparing your move is finally a week away. It all feels quite unreal. I can’t be moving in a week, can I? Am I ready? Do I really want to do this? And thoughts similar to these come creeping up. However, don’t worry. This is normal. We recommend that you use the week before your move to help you lower your anxiousness and stress-related move by making sure everything is going to plan, and that you are prepared. Trust us, tying up loose ends days before moving can really help ease off any psychological suffering you might be experiencing. So, how should you do that? Well, we are glad you asked.

1. Prepare your belongings for the move

A few days before your residential movers Florida arrive we think that is the perfect time to prepare your belongings for the move.

  • disconnect all your electronic devices from power outlets.
  • remove any mounted items from the walls. Things such as paintings, towel bars, etc.
  • organize the cables from your electrical devices. If you disconnect all your electronic devices from power outlets we recommend that you also organize the cables. This way you’ll be able to find and plug them easily once you’ve relocated.

    packing clothes
    Make sure you declutter your clothes before you begin packing. The fewer items you have to pack, the fewer the cost of the move will be.

1.1. Pack everything up

We recommend that you pack all your belongings before long distance movers Florida arrive. This way you’ll save up on time and stress if you had to do this on moving day.

Hopefully, by now you have packed up all your items. If you’ve been reading our articles you know how much we value the importance of packing an essential box for moving, as well. That’s why we suggest that you pack everything that is non-essential in boxes, and leave the large household appliances to the movers on moving day. This way you’ll speed up the moving process and save yourself unnecessary suffering on moving day.

1.2. Essential box for moving

If you’ve never heard us mention the essential box, we think it is of importance to share it with you today. An essential box for moving is, as the name implies a box made for moving that contains all the necessary belongings. For example, a typical essential box for moving would have:

    • Easy to make food and snacks
    • Flashlight
    • Medicine and medkit
    • Multitool
    • Cash
    • Documents
    • Power bank

2. One week before your long-distance move: check in with your movers

Hiring a professional, reliable moving company is crucial to a successful long-distance move. If you didn’t hire a moving company, we recommend that you do that. Having someone you can trust your belongings with, is crucial.

Unfortunately, in today’s day and age finding a reliable moving company can be quite hard. However, don’t fret. We are here to help. If you want to find the perfect moving company for you keep an eye out for these few simple tips.

a man under a pile of moving boxes
Moving by yourself can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

 How to find a reliable moving company.

There are two ways to find a reliable moving company. You can either search the internet by yourself and try to find someone reliable. You would normally do this by looking at the reviews, and ratings. However, looks can be deceiving and you can end up hiring someone who wants to trick you by charging you a bill two times the arranged price on the account of hidden costs. No Bueno. That’s why we recommend you use a moving broker, someone like Cross Country Moving Group. We are a certified moving broker that has a database of all the reliable moving companies you can choose from. All you have to do is input your criteria (i.e. when are you moving, how much you are willing to pay, etc.) and we’ll find you a perfect match. How does that sound?

3. Get a good night of sleep

Lastly, but by no means least we urge you to have a good night’s sleep before moving day. You see, moving can be quite draining both physically and emotionally. That’s why we recommend that the day before you move get good eight hours of quality sleep. This will not just help boost your immune system, but also make you feel better, refreshed, and energized. Ready for anything life can throw in the way. Which is so important, especially when moving long-distances.

Things to do one week before your long-distance move – summary.

We think the most important part of moving long-distances is to hire a moving company. Once that is settled you need to make sure you pack your belongings and get some quality sleep. With years of working in the moving industry, we found that these three tips make a world of change, especially when moving long-distances. Don’t believe us? Give them a shot, and see for yourself.