Things to know before moving to Orlando

Many people construe Orlando with Disney World. That is probably one of their first thoughts when they think of moving to Orlando. And rightfully so. Since this is the birthplace of Micky and Minie, and other wonderful Disney characters that we learned to love as children. However,  coinciding Orlando to just that magical place does not do it justice.

Things to know before moving to Orlando

There are plenty of areas to explore. People to meet. Experiences to be had. All of that vastly overlooks Disney World. That you will have if you decide to move to Orlando is what you want to do. This is a beautiful city, engrossed with nature and urban constructions with skyscrapers that nourish the clouds. While the sun warms the cold concrete, you can see people huddling up the busky streets of Orlando Florida. As it is not only a popular tourist attraction but a business conglomerate of its own.

Disney World
Disney World is located in Orlando, Florida.

So if you are thinking of moving to Orlando, you are on the right track. You are on the road to find the most magical place you have ever lived in your entire life. So please, don’t postpone it. Hire long distance movers Orlando and get your luggage shipped today.

The weather

The most obvious thing that comes to mind when thinking of recommendations for people who are moving to Orlando is probably to mention the weather. Now, Orlando is infamous for its weird climate. Some people say that it has only two seasons. Hot and Hotter. Or as the author of the article above pointed out accurately,  dry and wet. You see, Orlando has a particular quality when it comes to its geographical location. On paper, it has all four seasons. However, what it really comes down to is… Hot weather from mid-June to mid-September. The rest of the months during the year it’s dry, warm, with sunshine and rain. So when moving to Orlando you should pack your clothes accordingly.

When moving to Orlando be aware of the thunderstorms

As we have alluded to previously, the weather can be a bit tricky. To say the very least. For example, “normal weather” you can expect in Orlando is huge and devastating showers of rain, thunder, and lightning. However, a few moments pass by and the sun comes up as tho nothing has happened. And you will be dry once more. So, be wary of that when moving across the country.

When moving to Orlando, there is an awesome secret not a lot of people know about

One of the lesser-known hidden gems of Orlando is the job market. Since this is an extremely popular city in Florida that amasses to 75 million tourists yearly, there are many job opportunities for people on the lookout. You will always be able to find someplace to work at. There are plenty of exotic companies there are looking for the right people. Firms such as Electronic Arts, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Universal Studios. Just to name a few. And that right person just might be you. However, if you do not dabble in popular culture, don’t fret. There is a place for you too! For example, there are two nonprofit hospitals, Orlando Health, and Florida Hospital, as well as a VA hospital and the Nemours Children’s Hospital. All important foundations for someone interested in the health care industry.

Moving to Orlando
You can find excellent opportunities for jobs in Orlando.

If your cross-country job hunt brought you to Orlando… Have no fear. Whatever your professional interests might crave, there is always something to tickle your fancy.

A huge downsize to consider when moving to Orlando

So as we have mentioned previously, Orlando is an enormous city. There are at least 286,000 people living here. That’s not mentioning tourists, who far overshadow that number. Now if you are moving from California to Florida you might not know this, but… Orlando, because of its size, has a really big problem with space. More specifically, living locations. Logically, since there are a lot of people living here, the demand for space is pretty high. Real estate owners know this and exploit it. How? Well, by rising up the prices of living. Meaning that just renting an apartment for a month costs from $1,200 to $1,400 depending, of course, on what part of town you choose to live in.

Orlando is not the cheapest place to live in.

Not only is housing expensive, but so is the cost of living. For example,  the cost for a four-person family to live in Orlando is around $3,100 a month. So you might want to consider your budget if you are deciding on moving to Orlando. Since it can get really expensive, really fast.

 The history of Orlando

During the years, Orlando had many names. Fort Gatlin was the name of Orlando in the 1838’s during the Second Seminole War. In honor of Dr. John S. Gatlin, U.S. Army Surgeon, who was killed in the Dade Massacre 28 Dec 1835. However, the actual reason for when and why the name Orlando was chosen still remains unknown. That however, didn’t stop people from speculating. By one theory, it was named after Orlando Reeves an American soldier who died in the Seminal War, just as he was about to fire a warning shot to his allies. Some say the city was named after a Shakespeare character. However unclear, Orlando is the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in America. So it’s definitely worth checking out!

In conclusion

Orlando is a really popular place amongst tourists. There are plenty of people to meet and places to see. Making it an excellent city for moving. However, you should keep in mind a few things if you decide to move to Orlando. First, make sure you know that the weather here can be either extremely hot or extremely wet and pack accordingly to that. Second, since there are a lot of people here it can be easy to find a job since employers are always looking for new faces. However, with that in mind, you should also note that the price of living here can be quite expensive. So make sure you take that into account as well!

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