Things to do in Tampa after the move

‘There are a lot of things to do in Tampa after you move. You see, Cross Country Moving Group has spent the past several years surveying our customers and asking them about their moving trends. Given the fact that help broker a dozen people a day, we have amassed pretty large data. So what did we find out? Well, to sum it up people seem to love moving here. Even though moving to Florida is very stressful, we have seen that a lot of people are grateful that they did. Therefore, if you are one of those people who just recently moved to this city, here are our top picks for the things to do in Tampa after the move.

Tampa Bay, Florida
With sights as these, no wonder people love moving to Tampa.

We have split our choices into two categories. First, the free section – where you can explore the wonders of Tampa no money necessary! The other section is all the fun activities you can experience in Tampa for a few bucks. This way, you can get a birds-eye-view of all the activities you might be interested in doing. And on top of that, you won’t have to rummage through the article in order to find the things that won’t cost you a penny. So with that being said, let us present to you our top picks for things to do in Tampa.

Things to do in Tampa that are free

Let’s start off this list with a few things you can do here without spending a penny. We cannot recommend these things out more. Find that little curious explorer that is rooted deep in you, and enjoy your new hometown, all while saving a bit of cash!

Visit Bayshore Boulevard

Now, let’s start off our list with Bayshore Boulevard. Believe it or not, it is the longest sidewalk in the world! It spans 4.5 miles (that’s 7.2 km for you guys on the metric system) long and it’s 10 feet (3.0 m) wide. Just by writing this article, a few ideas popped into our heads on ways to explore this wonderful sidewalk. It can be used for walking with your family, running, jogging, bicycle riding, or skateboarding. All whilst enjoying the pretty sights that Tampa has to offer. This is also one of the reasons why retiring in Tampa is such an attractive idea for most people.

Tour the Tampa Riverwalk

While on the topic of (side)walks, let us present to you another great choice that you should explore. The Tampa Riverwalk is a must! There are a lot of things to do here and it offers the best view of the city. If you’re getting a bit peckish, you can grab yourself a bite to eat at Ulele or a drink at Armature works. Are you more interested in fitness? Then you can get a quick jog by the water, overlooking the city. There are also a lot of amenities for kids here. There is a beautiful river park that has a lot of water activities for children to play with, as well as plenty of grass for picnics. It all makes it the perfect choice for a family day off!

Things to do in Tampa that cost a bit of money

Tampa skyscrappers
Tampa is at the top of the list in the state for job demand, making it the perfect place for growing industries. 

Now that we have mentioned all the things you can do in Tampa for free, now it’s time to move on. We all understand that relocation can be quite expensive and that you don’t really want to spend any additional money after you’re done. That’s why all the free activities are great, at least at the beginning. However, there are some that do cost money, but won’t break your bank! A cupcake ATM is one of them. There is a bank ATM that allows you to withdraw money as well as cupcakes. Isn’t that cool? It’s one of those little things in life that can make your day. It doesn’t cost a fortune, and it can be fun for the whole family.

Ybor City is something you definitely have to check out

Cigars, Cuban bread, roosters on streets and other amenities can all be found in this history-packed neighborhood of Tampa. It’s kind of hard to explain – you really have to experience it. It’s filled to the brim with rich Cuban history, restaurants, and cafes. When you ask your long distance movers Tampa to give you locals’ tips on the city, they’ll definitely mention Ybor City!

A close up of a giraffe in a ZOO
Tampa has a ZOO at Lowry Park with lots of exotic animals worth checking out!

Have you ever heard of yoga on water?

Are you looking for a good core conditioning workout that as fun as it is challenging? Well, we have just the thing for you! Kai Fitness designed a fun workout program – Y.O.W. It’s actually quite interesting. It involves doing yoga movements, as well as some other muscle endurance exercises on a –  paddleboard! Plyo jumps, burpees, and planks? What’s there not to love? Okay, maybe burpees. However, it is a fun program that you should try out, and it’s only 15$! So if you are ever in Tampa make sure to check out Yoga on Water.

Grab a drink in the largest rooftop bar in Tampa

So what would a list of things to do in Tampa be without Jimmy’s on the Edge? The best and largest rooftop bar that Tampa has to offer. Breath-taking panoramic views of the entire island with a fire bar and beachy cocktails. There’s craft beer as well as a live DJ, dance parties, and occasional movie nights if the weather permits it. If all of this sparked your interest in moving to Tampa, why don’t you give us a call and we’ll start planning your Florida relocation right away.