Things to Do in Delray Beach

So you’re looking to hire long distance movers Delray Beach, Florida, to take you to the “Village by the Sea.” But you aren’t sure what pastimes this wonderful community has to offer. Don’t worry: here, we’ll cover all the things to do in Delray Beach that guarantee a whale of a time!

Things to Do in Delray Beach: Education and Culture

You’ve finally moved to Delray Beach. Terrific! You’ve likely brought plenty of things with you, so look for storage FL to house all of your belongings. After that, you can start searching for a good time.

There are a plethora of awesome things to do in Delray Beach. Someone coming from NY, who also needed moving companies from New York to Florida, might not know where to look for more cultured pastimes. For more educational fun, you can turn to any of these venues.

Beach at Delray Beach
Delray Beach has stunning coastlines like this in spades
  • Silverball Museum: for fans of arcadey games, visiting the Silverball is one of the most awesome things to do in Delray Beach. It houses over 150 antique pinball machines and video games. And yes, they’re playable. And yes, they’re free to play.
  • Arts Garage: a haven for all things artistic, including poetry, music, exhibits, and more. Get your dose of underground vibes with jazz, sax players, spoken word poetry, R&B, pianists, and more.
  • Morikami Museum: this museum displays the beauty of Japanese tradition and culture. From tea ceremonies and koi ponds to distinct horticulture and Japanese festivals, it’s a lovely glimpse into Japan.
  • Delray Beach Historical Society: the DBHS is like a capsule for Delray Beach’s history. Three restored houses hold information about how people lived there since the 1910s, as well as historical records of the city’s neighborhoods.
  • Pineapple Grove Arts District: this lively district is an eclectic mix of boutiques, cafes, bookstores, and thrift shops. There’s little you can’t find here, but its various art galleries are its point of pride.
  • Old School Square: The Old School Square houses a bit of everything, hosting all sorts of Delray Beach events. Exhibits, museums, concerts, cabaret – the place is rife with cultural goodness.

Things to Do in Delray Beach: Wining and Dining, Nightlife

If you’ve had enough of education time, you might be up for a little food or drink. But someone who’s moving from California to Florida, for example, likely won’t know where to find such places in Delray Beach. Whether it’s nightlife or a little fine wine and dine that you’re after, you’ll definitely have your fill of fun things to do in Delray Beach.

View filled with things to do in Delray Beach
The view is even more spectacular at nighttime
  • South Florida Garlic Fest: a culinary annual event that draws in droves of people, the Garlic never disappoints. This twenty-year-old tradition bundles together bands, arts and crafts, and vendors to make a special experience.
  • Saltwater Brewery: beer lovers wondering what to do in Delray Beach must remember one name: the Saltwater Brewery. The Saltwater Brewery is a must-visit for fans of fine, exotic brews. It’s a microbrewery that also offers tours of their facilities so you can see how they do their magic.
  • Dada: “non-conformist” would be the best word to describe Dada. Everything about it, from its staff to its food and handcrafted cocktails, screams alternative. There, you can enjoy comedy, open mic nights, live bands, and movie nights every Sunday.
  • Sound Off Silent Disco: this is your typical discotheque, but with a twist. All the music is played through headphones instead of speakers. The headphones can alternate between DJ’s and the color of their glow tells you who’s listening to what.

Things to Do in Delray Beach: Nature and Other

Dining and wining all night long is great, but you’ll also need some downtime. Fans of a more relaxed experience – we have you covered. Here are the best things to do in Delray Beach when you’re feeling a bit more meditative.

Delray Beach coastline
You will find both packed and desolate beaches alike
  • Atlantic Avenue: Lovingly shortened to the Ave by locals, this stretch of road reels you in with its assortment of curiosities. Galleries, shops, restaurants, and cafes of all kinds dot this district, which is perfect for a stroll on a mild summer day or night. There’s no better place to discover Delray Beach and what it’s all about than here.
  • Municipal Beach: among the most beautiful pieces of coastline Florida has to offer. But it’s not only gorgeous – it’s also available. There’s ample parking space, and you can rent out beach gear in case you didn’t bring your own.
  • Wakodahatchee Wetlands: Wakodahatchee beckons to nature lovers and hikers. It’s teeming with wildlife (some unique to these wetlands) but also striped with a safe walkway that boasts awesome vantage points for taking photos.
  • Putt’n Around: this is a charming miniature golf course guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Its oceanic theme is surely one you’ll remember long after you leave.
  • Delray Beach Children’s Garden: a slice of church-donated land, the Children’s Garden strives to teach kids the importance of caring about nature. Its daily schedule includes reading hours and educational material for children to appreciate the environment.
  • Sandoway Discovery Center: the SDC is another educational venue about the value of nature. However, it also acts as a wildlife reserve (with a pinch of zoo in the mix, too). You’ll be able to watch alligator and shark feedings, as well as go on dune tours.

The Fun Is Waiting for You

You’ll likely find more things to do in Delray Beach than you can count on your fingers (toes and all). This wonderful town holds a bit of something for everyone. However, it’s up to you to go and see it for yourself!