The ultimate family relocation timeline

What is the ultimate family relocation timeline? When moving there are a lot of things to take care of. From packing and moving your furniture and items to the movie and the family finally being together again. Of course, we don’t recommend moving all at once. Imagine unpacking and trying to rearrange your new home, while your children are running around in a new unfamiliar environment, between the boxes and junk. Or even your pets going around all the empty boxes, biting cardboard, or worse.

What is a family relocation timeline?

There comes a time after the move when the moving is over. All the furniture and items have been delivered by your Florida movers, and it’s time to unpack and settle in your new life. But were all the other preparations done? One of the things people forget is that they need to be mentally ready for the move. As well as to have their children aware of it happening. Can you imagine the move without a proper relocation timeline? Well, we can and that’s why we are here to help. Here is the best family moving timeline we can recommend.

  • Two months prior
  • Month and a half
  • Month
  • Half a month
  • The moving day
Granperents and kids during the family relocation timeline
These are one of the last days your children can spend freely with their grandparents without them having to travel, so use it well.

Two months prior

This is the perfect time to start your family relocation timeline. At this point the moving date should have been chosen, the contract with interstate movers Florida signed, as well as the new home you will be moving into. It’s time to sit your children down and have a talk with them. You may think they don’t understand, but trust us they do. Maybe not to the degree of adults, but they still have a basic understanding. Also, don’t forget to inform the kid’s schools or kindergarten about the upcoming move. At this point in the family moving timeline, we should have new schools already picked out. Consider taking kids and pets to the new home for a field trip in order to get used to the new environment.

Month and a half

When you move into a new environment you will need new doctors. Especially for your kids. So at this point of the family moving timeline take your kids to the doctor and at the same time request their and your copies of the medical records. When you move into your new home, you will have many things to do, as well as to have to settle. So while being barred by responsibilities then you won’t have time to run around and gather the copies. Also, ask around and find a new family doctor. If you have pets don’t forget their records and find a new vet.

Dog playing with owners while packing
Pets can sense all of our mood changes. Make sure that no matter how stressful the move is you still make time to play with them.


We are one at a half mark of our family relocation timeline. It’s time to make a farewell party and say your goodbyes. It may seem early but think about it. It’s time to make a packing plan, and gather all of your supplies. Also, you will need to finish all of your assignments on your current work and take care of the kids who probably won’t go to school until the move. So have some fun and meet your family and friends as you won’t have a lot of it to spare. After the party, it’s time to start packing. Some things may go in storage units in Florida so make sure to put them on the side. As for children’s things you can involve them in the pack and let them pick some of the things they want. If you are moving long-distance make sure to plan road activities for your children and some snacks that will keep them calm. The last thing you need on the day of the move is a crying kid.

Half a month

We are slowly coming to the end of our family moving timeline. Make sure that you plan out some of the meals before the move, or research some of the closeby restaurants. After moving and unpacking it’s highly possible you will be too tired to cook. So having packed meals will be of big help. Make sure to secure a good moving arrangement for your family pet. Some people like bringing their dog in their car, but if you are using auto transport Florida different kinds of transportation are advised. It’s all up to you, just make sure they won’t be stressed. At this point in the moving timeline, you should encourage the whole family to help with the packing process.

Kid making a packing checklist with its parents
Involving your children in the moving process will make them relax and not feel left out.

The moving day

Finally, we are at the last day of our family relocation timeline. Make sure that you have your first night box ready with all the necessary things you will need. Also have your snacks ready as the possibility of stopping mid-move for a full course meal is slim. But snacks will help you out during the day. Before you set out, make sure to walk around all of the rooms. Not for emotional purposes though it can be a way of saying goodbye, but in order to check if you may have forgotten something. You need to make sure nothing important is left behind. Also, it’s time to say bye to your family and close friends that are able to come over before you set off.

Moving to a new place, so much more if it’s far away it can be even scarier. Especially so for your kids if they have no clue what is coming on. So make sure you are there for them while they get used to their new surroundings. You as well have to make sure you are on a nice track off settling down and getting used to your new job and home.