The most affordable times to move cross-country

Moving cross-country takes some serious planning. You’ll need a lot of time for planning and you’ll want to make sure nothing is off. Additionally, you’ll want to balance your budget, since cross-country relocation can be costly. It doesn’t have to be like that, but last-minute preparations also mean extra costs. However, even looking for the best cross country movers out there, doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend too much money. Here’s our take on the most affordable times to move cross-country and a few tips to help you round up your budget.

What are the most affordable times to move cross-country?

There are a few things to consider when deciding the best time to move, and here’s what you should know. First of all, bad weather can slightly complicate your move and also increase the price. While you may not predict the exact weather a few months in advance, you can pick the best season.

raindrops on the street
Bad weather can increase the cost, so don’t forget that when deciding on the most affordable time to move cross-country.

For example, Florida sees heavy rains in late summer which may not be an ideal time to move there. On the other hand, the most comfortable times for moving are often during the peak season. With the high demand, prices can often go up. Check long distance movers Florida has and try to get quotes from them to get an idea of how the prices fluctuate.

What else can impact the cost of moving cross-country?

Depending on how you organize your move, the price may vary. There are many services moving companies offer, but you don’t have to opt for all of them. For example, different items fall under different policies of liability insurance, which makes insurance optional. It does increase the price of moving, but repairing broken items can sometimes be more costly.

However, most items fall under the standard insurance policy. The only exemptions are special equipment and extremely fragile items. Depending on the amount and weight of fragile items, you may even try to bring them with you. You can easily pack jewelry and other valuables in a small box and carry it with you.

people discussing cross-country moving liability insurance
Make sure you only pick the insurance that fits your budget, as many things are optional.

Cost of moving heavy items and cars cross-country

Jewelry and lightweight items can easily be packed with you, but that doesn’t apply to all household items. Moving heavier appliances or your car requires more thorough planning. If you plan to ship car from Florida to California, for example, you’ll need reliable logistical support. Not all companies can provide adequate assistance with these things, so try to only hire reliable moving companies.

Getting a free quote is a great starting point, but talking to company employees in person will give you a better idea of how professional they are. Trained interstate movers Florida will also know best what are the most affordable times to move cross-country and will guide you on all specifics. Make sure you’re well prepared and you’ll be able to settle in your new home in no time.