The Cross-Country Job Hunt

If you are preparing to engage in the cross-country job hunt, you should know there’s a bumpy road laying ahead of you. Finding the job in your field, carrier level, suitable working condition and in the company you like can present quite a challenge. Also, you must be flexible to come to the interview in the city miles away whenever great job opportunity presents itself. Luckily, there are ways that you can improve your odds and this guide is here to make your interstate employment pursuit a little easier.

Moving across the country is even harder when you’re looking for a job at the same time.

Narrow down your favorites for the cross-country job hunt

Moving across the country is an expensive adventure so it is very wise for you to look for a job in your new city in advance.
The first step will be to make a shortlist of the companies that you would like to work for after the move. Preferably in the field that you have experience in.  If you don’t have such a list, make it by exploring the employers. Find out what companies operate in the city and research them. Take notice about the complaints and comments of the former employees. Don’t add the firms that have a bad reputation of mistreating their workers.

Once you narrow down the selection, check if there is an opening in the career section on their website. Cut the companies that don’t have the open workplaces at the moment, focus on the ones that do, and apply as soon as possible.

In the best-case scenario, their representative will get in touch with you and book the interview. If that happens, the next on your to-do agenda will be to find a reliable moving company to assist you with your move across the states.

Wing of a plane

Referrals are priceless

It doesn’t matter how much technology is advancing – nothing can beat a good personal recommendation. In order for someone to refer you, they should be aware of your moving plans.

Start talking to the people around you. Tell your plans even to your acquaintances or work colleagues. Be open about your situation and tell people that you are moving to towns for whatever reason.

There is a good chance that somebody will have great connections in the city you’re moving to. Someone might even offer to talk to some of their old friends and refer you as an employee. Others will advise you on what companies to apply at.
When you here that someone is originally from the city you’ll be soon calling your home, don’t be shy to ask them if they know anybody there.

Since the cross-country job hunt and relocation go hand in hand these days, prospects for making connections are high. Long distance movers Delray Beach move thousands of people from one part of the country to another every year.

Boost your LinkedIn profile for the cross-country job hunt

As a social network with the focus on connecting employers, clients, investors, and potential employees, LinkedIn might have some interesting jobs in your area of search. If you wish to find a better job, you will have to go all-in when in your cross-country job hunt is in question. That will imply, upgrading your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s how to improve your profile for a cross-country job hunt:

  • Professional picture – There are other platforms for posting pictures with your kitty. On LinkedIn, your profile pic has to be hundred percent professional. In an ideal situation, the professional photographer will be perfect for making you into a magnet for employees. Either way, there’s no harm in taking a selfie. The point is to be in the business attire, and to sit slightly sideways, turning your head towards the camera.
  • Headline your skills – Your abilities, experience, and your skills are what’s important to your employer, Therefore, emphasize them. The headline needs to present your skills and experience, rather than giving out information about what you do now.
  • Sound natural – Be realistic when describing yourself and don’t give into vanity.
  • Personal video – Adding a video about yourself is an amazing way to stand out from the crowd.
Social media
It is totally a reality to find a job via social networks. While LinkedIn is designed especially for this purpose, Instagram also has a lot of job offer ads.

Craigslist and other platforms

Due to a controversy that is following this network, the Craigslist isn’t among the first platforms as it used to be. However, it still is a relevant source of job offers if you know to filter out the predators. No matter whether you have already sent your CV, you should browse Craigslist.

On the other hand, you might take a greater interest in the freelancing lifestyle. It is ideal for programmers, writers, graphic designer, etc. The best platform for that is currently UpWork.

Keep your head up

People are usually moving a cross-country job hunt they hope to find the new job quickly. Once that doesn’t happen, many are disappointed and discouraged.
There’s really no reason to feel this way.

Job hunting is difficult, while the cross-country job hunt even more difficult. Not only that you will have to organize the entire move, but you are looking for new employment at the same time. That’s quite admirable. So be proud of yourself.  Stay persistent and the route of positive thinking will take you to the bright career path.