The cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida

Are you moving from New York to Florida? Prepare for a much more relaxed lifestyle, zero income taxes and sunny days all year around. We are here to help you determine the cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida. Moving can be a very stressful process, however, with the right preparation, everything can be achieved much more easily. If it gets hectic, just remember all the beaches that Florida has to offer and continue with the moving plan.

Choosing the right moving company can lower the cost

When making a long distance move, the cost of moving is something that you should pay your attention to. Although it is not often cheap, it can be significantly lower than what you first thought it would be.

Compare moving companies

This is the first step that you should do in order to pay the right amount of money for the move. Not all companies offer the same moving services or the same level of service. The price can significantly change from moving company to moving company, hence do a little bit of research and save money along. It is best if you could compare at least five or six moving companies, in order to get a better insight into how much each service should cost.

a man sitting at a desk looking at his laptop, while holding a pen in his right arm over the notebook
Comparing the prices of at least five moving companies can greatly reduce the cost of hiring movers from New York to Florida

Avoid scams

Cheaper is not always better, which is very true when making a long distance move. If the price seems too good to be true, then you are probably in for a deceitful company. Paying in advance will usually lead to never hearing from them again. In order to avoid this, once you choose the moving company that you want to hire, pay them a visit. Go to their offices (if the office really exists), and talk to them in person. Risking to lose the money, or your belongings can only be additional stress when you are preparing for such a big life change.

Choose a reputable moving company

Even if you have to pay a couple of dollars more, it is always better to choose a reputable moving company. If you have friends or relatives, or even acquaintances that have used a certain moving company, you should go with that one. Always check for the reviews after the move has been made. This can also affect the cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida. Can you remember when was the last time you bought anything without looking for reviews? They are extremely important and negative reviews should be overlooked.

Make a move off-season

Unless you absolutely have to move to Florida in the next week or month, bear in mind that moving off-season is much cheaper. Spring and summer are the busiest days for the moving companies and the moving will cost much more. This is simply because the demand is too high, and reputable moving company has a busy schedule. That is why the cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida can be lower if you hire them six to seven weeks ahead and in the off-season. Bear in mind that weekends are also the peak days for moving, so choose the middle of the week if possible.

highways with two trucks on the road a several cars behind them
Choose a reputable moving company even though you have to pay a bit more, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Lessen the weight of your belongings

The fewer things you are moving with you, the lower the price of the move. Keep this in mind if you want to bring your favorite toaster with you on a long distance move. Sometimes it is cheaper to just leave it behind and buy another one in Florida. The cost of living, gas, and oil, and the overall costs are much lower in Florida anyway, so bring as little things as you can. You will have everything available for you at much lower prices. For example, in New York, the winters are much colder and you must have dozens of sweaters, coats, scarves. Luckily, you will not need this once you move to the Sunshine state.

How to lessen the weight

If you are wondering what to do with all of your belongings then, we have a couple of suggestions:

  • Have a yard sale – Take everything that is functional and not broken and have a garage sale. You will earn money as well as lessen the weight of your belongings. The cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida will be much lower.
  • Organize a giveaway party – If you are wondering what this is, just imagine a yard sale this time in your house with all of your dearest friends and family. Everybody should take what they would like to have from you. Be it books, clothes, plants, kitchen appliances. Everything that did not make it on the yard sale and the things that you simply wanted to give to someone should be on this giveaway party.
  • Donate – Donating the rest of your things will certainly make it easier for you to part with your old life. Giving to those in need only make us realize how much do we have. And when we are happy, we do not need to move a bunch of old things that we do not use anymore. Think of this as final preparation for the long-distance move, you are saying goodbye to your old life and beginning something new and beautiful.
clothes on a hanger in a shop
Get rid off all the winter clothes you have. You won`t be needing sweaters, scarves and coats, as the weather in Florida is much hotter than in NYC

The cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida

There are about 1000 miles from New York to Florida, and this move can definitely be considered a long-distance move. However, if you are moving into the heart of Florida than we can safely say that it has more than 1000 miles. With the long-distance move of this size, the cost of hiring moving companies from New York to Florida is usually around $5, 500. With our tips from above, it can definitely go lower, however, it can go up, but usually not more than $6,000.