The Best Suburbs in Miami, FL

When picking out a place to live we tend to look into every detail. So then taking about the best suburbs in Miami we notice there are a lot of places to check out. We understand that not all places are suitable for everyone. And many people have different priorities and tastes as well as things they look for when moving. Here we will try and help all of you. From those that are more high-end to some more close nit and closed-off places here is what we picked out for you. 

What are you looking for?

When in search of a good place to move to, you first need to know what you are looking for out of said place. The best suburbs in Miami will differ depending on what you want from them. So even before you start moving to Florida get your priorities straight. Are you moving with your family or alone? What is your budget? What about schools and jobs? How far is it away from your family and friends? Those are all the things you need to know even before you start looking. Here is a list of our top picks for the best suburbs in Miami:

  • Bay Harbor Islands
  • Coral Gables
  • Key Biscayne
  • Palmetto Bay
  • Pinecrest
waterfront and residental eria
When picking out the place you want to move to make sure its a place with a nice view to wake up next to

Bay Harbor Islands

The first on our Miami suburbs list is Bay Harbor Islands. Considered one of the hidden gems in Florida it’s made out of two islands in the Biscayne Bay. With its affordable waterfront condos and single-family homes not to mention its close proximity to Miami Beach, Ball Harbor, and some other places it comes in first on our best suburbs in Miami list. With a population of only a little over 5000 residents, the crime rates are practically nonexistent. Usual home prices are around $312,800 and monthly rent is around $1,429. It is a perfect place for families and retirees. We are sure that no matter the place you pick long distance movers Miami will do a great job.

Coral Gables

Coral Gables is the second place we would recommend as one of the nicest suburbs in Miami. It’s a beautiful place modeled after Venice Italy canals and with beautiful 19 century home architecture, it looks like heaven on earth. It has a rich and calming European energy. As well as many waterways, canals, and strict zoning laws. It’s a 20minute drive away from Downtown Miami as well as the home of the University of Miami. It has many beautiful cafes and boutiques as well as golf courses and many more attractions for people that are interested. The common house price is around $696,00o and the monthly rent is $1,412 in average. It’s filled with students, singles, and young professionals and is safer than 54 percent of Miami cities. Werther to enjoy the architecture or to relax during hot days next to a riverside we know you would like it here.

best suburbs in Miami all have a nice beach view
A walk on the beach is always welcomed as its good for your body and mental state

Key Biscayne

Comin in this is Key Biscayne. This perfect Florida paradise is hidden on one of the islands near Miami Beach. With its average home cost of $1,034,800 and monthly rent of around $2,549, it is one of the most popular suburbs in Miami. This is a perfect place for those seeking to escape city life. Usually, for families and retirees, this is a place to lay back and have a calm life. But every now and then if you need a little excitement it’s just a 15minute drive to downtown Miami. There are storage units in Florida to keep some of your outdoor things while you get to know Key Biscayne. With a calm and island-like life, we think that it’s a nice place to live a relaxed life. There are new job opportunities as well as places for walks and getting to know new people.

Palmetto Bay

The finest suburbs in Miami also include Palmetto Bay. It’s a family community about a 35-minute drive away from downtown Miami. This suburban community is mostly for singles, families, young professionals, and retirees. Many moving companies in Florida will be glad to help you with the move. As you noticed this suburb is for everyone. It has many green spaces and has gotten the nickname “Village of parks” exactly for that reason. It’s well known for its nightlife, restaurants, and parks. So never worry if you will run out of things to do here. With the average home being around $467,400 and a monthly apartment fee near $1,218 is one of the best places to live. Many people would be glad to have you as their neighbor. Also, there are many kids and schools for your youngsters. So everything is here just waiting for you.

A elderly couple relaxing on a bench
When picking out the most suitable suburbs in Miami to retire to it is important that you make sure it fits all your needs


This small town with welcoming neighbors is a tight-knit,  family and kid-friendly community that is a perfect place for anyone wanting to enjoy well-versed architecture design. There are many things to do here. Either enroll your kids in piano lessons or grab a movie in the theaters there are many things to do in Pinecrest. Known as South Florida’s Cultural Arts Park it has a park featuring over 1,000 varieties of exotic tropical plants and trees. But Pinecrest home prices are among the most expensive in Florida and its real estate also ranks among the most expensive in America. The most important thing is the people that will live there next to you. We are here to assure you you will be very welcomed here by your neighbors.

Moving is hard but at the same time exciting. We hope we helped you even a little in choosing your next moving destination. There are many more wonderful places and this is only our pick for the best suburbs in Miami. We know that if you look you will definitely find something for yourself.