The Best Places to Live in Tampa

Moving to a new place can seem frightening and a little intimidating at times. However, the most important thing is that relocation should be exciting and fun! If you’re thinking of moving to Florida, and have chosen Tampa as your go-to city, read on. We’ve gathered a brief guide on the best places to live in Tampa, and it might help you in your final choice. Picking an ideal location to live in isn’t easy, especially if you’re moving long distance from across the country! You don’t know much about the area, and it seems that no internet search will ever be enough. Our number one advice is this: Learn from the locals! They know all the secrets about the town and can guide you in just the right direction.

man and woman sitting on a wooden bench next to a beach
Everyone needs a little bit of sunshine and beaches in their life. 

Researching the best places to live in Tampa

Before you even pick up the phone and call your Tampa movers, you need to know exactly where you are moving to. This might be one of the most stressful tasks before the move even begins. There are so many options to choose from and so many things you need to keep in mind. Tampa is a place that welcomes everyone, but there are still neighborhoods that will suit some more than others. For instance, if you are relocating with children, you would probably look for houses in good school districts. You’d like to live close to the ocean? Not a problem! There are plenty of cute little houses right on the beach that might just be perfect for you. In any case, think about your own needs first before you even go down the internet rabbit hole of house hunting.

Urban neighborhoods in Tampa, FL

Even though it is rated as the top #17 town to retire in, Tampa is more than a town for the seniors. Plenty of neighborhoods in South Tampa offer just that. An urban feel, with lots of outdoor activities and where you definitely won’t feel bored.

  • Bayshore
  • Davis Island
  • Hyde Park
  • SoHo

There are just a few communities where you may end up feeling like you belong. They tend to be on the more expensive side, so watch out for that if you’ve got a strict budget. In South Tampa, you will be close to the ocean, while still having access to loads of independent shops, fancy restaurants, and parks. It is one of the best places to live in Tampa if you’re looking for more historic-looking homes. Festivals and live music events are common in this neighborhood. And if you’re a fan of great nightclubs, you’ll find a bunch of them right here!

Woman standing in front of a cinema
One of Florida’s hidden gems, South Tampa has so many activities going on that you’ll never get bored living here!

Ybor City might be a perfect place to relocate your business

Moving a business is no joke. Our commercial movers Florida take that job very seriously. If you’re looking to move your office to Tampa as well as your house, Ybor City might be a great option for you. This community has a specific charm, with its old brick roads and historical Cuban cigar factories. There is also an active trolley system that connects it to South Tampa! There aren’t many housing options here like there are in South Tampa. However, the nightlife is booming in Ybor City, as well as the variety of small restaurants, vintage and independent clothing and retail stores. If your business fits into one of these categories, then venture into more research about this quirky Tampa neighborhood!

Some of the best places to live in Tampa have been recently built

New Tampa is one of those. This community is relatively new, and it is full of townhomes and ranch-style condos. It may not have the same walking-distance options like South Tampa and Ybor City do, but it has other pros. There are a lot of walking trails, golf courses and an outdoor mall where you can shop! It is close to a few highways, and that’s what makes it a convenient place to live in if you’ve got to commute somewhere else. On the other hand, many businesses have decided to relocate here as well. New Tampa also has a few chain restaurants and a movie theater, only a short drive away from your home. Pebble Creek, Wesley Chapel, and Tampa Palms are just a few great neighborhoods in New Tampa.

a suburban neighborhood road with palm trees
Living in Tampa doesn’t have to mean an urban, hectic life. There are plenty of quiet suburbs you can choose from!

North Tampa has a lot to offer

This area is the home to the University of South Florida, but it not the typical college town. North Tampa runs all the way to the Tampa International Airport, and it has many housing opportunities. There are many dorm-style buildings, but there are also newer condos and townhomes to choose from. Catering to college students, there are several popular bars, a movie theater, chain restaurants, and the University Mall. Northdale, Seminole Heights, and Tampa Heights are the most popular neighborhoods. The latter two have a more suburban feel and not as many college students living in them. Therefore, it may be more suitable for families and/or young adults who don’t want to live near a college dorm. This is a perfect mix of the suburban calm and the amenities of the city!

The best places to live in Tampa are only a search away!

With a little bit of patience and a thorough internet search, you can find the perfect neighborhood in Tampa for you. Ask the locals, and even travel to see the area in person if you can! There is something for everyone in Tampa, and you just need to gather all the info and take the time to find the perfect place for your family. You can always give us a call if you need more advice about moving to Florida!