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Living as a part of the military means that you are constantly on the move. It is just in the job description. You will be moving from a state to a state and even from one country to another. You will move alone or with your family. Whatever the case is, one thing is constant – the moving. And even though you might already be used to it, you can always use a helping hand. Moves can be tough, and everyone needs help from time to time. This is why Cross Country Moving Group strives to make your move effortless and seamless. With our help, military moving logistics can be a piece of cake! We can find the moving company you need, and make your move something enjoyable!

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We have the knowledge and experience!

Who is Cross Country Moving Group?

A question you might be wondering is just who we are and what we do. Well, there is a lot to tell about us! First, you need to understand that we are not a moving company. So, we will not be the ones who will be carrying your items. However, we are experts at moving logistics, and we will sort out all those necessary preparations you need to go through for your move. This means that we deal with the toughest, longest and most tiring part of your relocation. All you need to do is pack and be ready when the movers arrive.

And how do we do this? Because of our experience, of course! We have been working for years in the moving business, so we have collected quite a lot of contacts. It doesn’t matter if you are moving locally or we are talking about military moving – we have the company you need! We are also working together with the Department of Transportation to provide for you a huge database of clients you can use. Thanks to our experience, and the years in the business, we can negotiate great prices for you – and earn some very special discounts too!

How can we make your military moving worth it?

Why should you pick our company to help you with your moving logistics? Well, the experience we have is one of the most important reason. After all, you do not moving brokers with no experience handling your move! However, that is not all. We are very well aware of just how different every move is. Just like there are no two people that are the same, so your needs and wishes differ too. And so, every move we take under our wing is a unique project to which we dedicate ample time to solve.

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There will be no stress with Cross Country Moving Group!

That is the reason why we have such a range of special services for you! They differ quite a lot – and are created so they can cover any requirement or expectation that you might have. We can find movers to transport huge items like your cars or pianos, or we can find those who will take care of your delicate and fragile items. We cover anything from military moving to moving your office – and we can find movers who will take you on a local or long distance moves.

This way, we hope to provide a moving experience that is both effortless and seamless but also focused on details. Thanks to our experience, we never miss out on anything. This guarantees the highest standard of moving experience because the moving companies we work with are creme de la creme!

Special services that we offer:

  • auto transportation;
  • piano moving services;
  • military moving;
  • commercial moving services;
  • senior moving;
  • packing services;
  • pool table moving.

As you can tell, the range of the special services we offer is quite huge. For any task you give us, we will be able to find the right moving company for you! With our help, you will not have to worry about anything! Even the simplest move can drain up your time, money and energy. Thanks to us, you can focus on one chore while we deal with another. This way, you are saving up both on your time and energy. Then, thanks to our contacts and experience, we can find the movers who will fit your budget. This is how you also save up on money. Since the cost of hiring moving companies can be quite high, you will be thankful to us!

Connecting you with long-distance military moving companies

Why is it important to call Cross Country Moving Group when you need long-distance military moving companies? Well, long distance moves are usually not like local ones. And these are the moves that the military will usually send you on. But why do these two differ? The obvious reason is the length you will need to travel. However, that’s not all. The length of your trip means you cannot cross it multiple times, so it requires proper planning.

a road like you'll be on for long-distance military moving
Long distance moves require a special kind of attention.

During a local move, if you happen to forget something back at your old location, all it takes is a quick drive to get it. Long distance military moves do not give you this opportunity. Once you are packed and ready to go, that’s it. You are on your way, and if you forget something, there is no going back. This is why calling us is a great idea. We know exactly what you need to pay attention to, and what you must not forget on your move. In other words, we can offer you a stressless moving experience that many people don’t get!


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