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Everybody who collects fine art knows just how delicate those items are. They require special keeping conditions and handling with utmost care. For true art lovers, their collection is priceless, and therefore they will do anything to protect it. In the case of the relocation, they won’t hesitate to call the best fine movers Florida can offer – Cross Country Moving Group. We have proven our quality with countless moves. and we are ready to do it once again. Contact us and put your precious items into the hands of true art moving professionals.

Art collection - call fine art movers Florida to help you move it
Leave relocation of your art collection to the professionals with years of experience.

Trust is everything in the moving business

Entrusting your art collection to the moving company isn’t such an easy thing as it may seem. After all, someone else will be handling your property, and that can be difficult for some people. Especially those who love to be on top of the things and control the entire process.

At Cross Country Moving Company, we do understand this urge. That is why you are welcome to be by our side the entire time. Our work is transparent and we have nothing to hide. You will see on the spot that fine art movers Florida are taking the utmost care about your pieces.

However, we honestly don’t recommend that. The whole point of hiring professional movers is to make things easier and less stressful for you. Why will you waste your time on a moving day by watching mover’s every move, when you can relax on the porch with the cold drink in your hand. We offer you just that – the top quality service which will ensure the maximum safety of your art pieces. During every stage of relocation that we are involved in.

We aren’t just any other moving company – we are the masters of our trade. The best fine art movers Florida can offer are in our ranks, and they have decades of experience and knowledge in handling fine art pieces exclusively. Give us a call, and our moving experts will design the best plan to move your fine art, regardless of what it contains. Our extensive training makes us capable to relocate any type of objects safely, securely and efficiently.

Why should you hire fine art movers Florida?

If you’re thinking that nobody can move your fine art but yourself, think again. Truly consider all the worst scenarios that can happen. From ripping your paintings while packing them to your entire shipment being destroyed in the car accident. Not the mention possible moving injuries which can be even life-threatening.

Our experience and training are allowing us to recognize and prevent any moving obstacle. In the case that something unpredictable does happen, we know how to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

You maybe know the best how to handle your fine art, but our fine art movers Florida knows how to relocate it safely. Art pieces are one of the most delicate things to move. They are very valuable, often has odd shapes and are easily breakable. That is why hiring the experts for fine art moving is a necessity that will ensure its safety.

Art pieces are very vulnerable to transport conditions.

We provide all specter of services

According to our former customers, our movers are doing an outstanding job and provide the top quality service.
One of the praises that we are getting goes to our extensive portfolio of moving services. Besides the basic ones, we also have all the other additional services which can make your relocation even easier and smoother.

If your household contains other special items besides fine art collection, it is a piece of cake for our movers. For example, we provide piano moving services since it is also a very complicated item to relocate.  In the case that you are preparing for moving your business, our commercial movers are at your service. And that’s just a glimpse of the variety of services we can offer you.

Instead of keeping your art in an unsuitable condition, benefit from our storage services.

Benefits of hiring our fine movers Florida

Florida is full of moving companies trying to get your attention. In order to choose the right one, you have to be very careful since there are movers who want to take advantage of your trust.
So what separates us from other fine art movers Florida? More importantly, how would you know that by hiring our company you are avoiding the fraudulent movers?

Let us give you a few reasons:

  • Our company is a licensed moving broker through the Department of Transportation.
  • If you hire us to coordinate the relocation of your fine art collection, we offer the best value and service.
  • Fine art movers Florida combine their genuine love for art with the love for moving. With this combination, plus their experience and training, you can be sure that your fine art is in the safe hands.
  • Punctual, precision, customer satisfaction and smoothness relocations – adjectives that are best describing our art relocation experts.
  • Wide assortment of moving services in one place.
  • No hidden fees and affordable quotes
  • Spotless reputation and outstanding customer’s reviews

Contact us and we’ll explain to you every step of the moving process

It goes without a saying that your fine art movers Florida have to be reliable. However, they also have to be approachable, yet professional at the same time. Cross Country Moving Group will help you to find movers who will be by your side at all times. We will design the relocation plan that suits your every need.
In order to plan your budget, you can get a free online estimate on our official website. That will be very helpful to calculate approximate moving costs and know-how to incorporate them into your finances.

It will be truly shamed for your priceless art pieces to suffer damages during your relocation. Eliminate that risk by hiring the best fine art movers Florida has to offer. Your collection will be safe in the hands of the moving experts who will handle them with the utmost attention.


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