Special moving services that cost extra

Whenever you hire a moving company, make sure that you understand the number of additional costs that may be charged to you in addition to the estimated cost of the mover. These company relocation fees depend on the conditions of your relocation and special services FL. Therefore, before you hire a mover, find out what special moving services that cost extra you need. And then get a price offer and make sure that it is valid.

So what are the special moving services that cost extra?

Extra fees

Some moving companies charge all additional fees that are not subject to the following conditions and call them “Extra Fees.” These fees may include packing or unpacking, additional pickups at the warehouse, or disassembly of furniture. To avoid this charge, make sure you are ready for the movers before they arrive.

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And make sure to ask the right questions

Transporting items that require special care

As you probably already know, moving shelves and moving a grand piano is not the same. Valuable items, such as musical instruments, artwork or pool table, require special care. That is something that most movers will charge more than an ordinary move. This means that if you need, for example, fine art movers FL, that could cost you extra.

Additional charges

This is a fee for services provided by a non-moving professional and may include craftsmen or other third parties upon request. That includes special piano moving, device preparation, or device installation. If these services are provided through a moving company, a fee is charged from the mover who, in turn, invoices you.

Service maintenance

This is the fee if the mover must prepare the basic appliances for relocation, which includes disconnecting at the original place of residence and then reconnecting to your new home. In most cases, those are washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and refrigerators. And that is one of the special moving services that cost extra.

Support service

Support service charges mean an additional charge that accrues per hour if the move is delayed because your goods must be transported to another truck. This can happen if you do not have a suitable parking lot or if you live in a house that is not accessible by a large truck (long narrow road). This means that the moving company must transport your goods to a smaller truck then to your home (or from your home).

Avoid these extra fees by ensuring that the moving truck can park close enough and that nothing is blocking truck access. If you are not sure about the availability, call the mover and ask questions that are specific to your move. For example, the appropriate distance from your home or entrance to the building to the truck.

Customs clearance

There are always customs fees with international moving. However, the mover may also charge a fee for customs clearance of goods. Many international movers already include this fee in the total cost, but just in case, ask. If it is on, make sure it is clearly indicated in your assessment. That is one of the things you have to check before signing a moving contract.

Know the rules
Besides providing special moving services that cost extra, your movers can inform you about the rules of the international moving

You also need to find out in the country where you are moving, details about what documents you will need, and about import costs. Your international mover should also be able to provide you with more information about the rules and procedures regarding the entry of your household items into another country. They could also tell you what you need to do before moving abroad.

Elevator carry

If you live in an apartment building or in a multi-story building, the moving company may incur additional charges for transporting your goods in the elevator either at the pick-up point or at the destination point. To make sure movers are familiar with your specific moving needs, let them know if there will be an elevator in your move.

Keep in mind that not all moving companies charge a fee for this service. Especially those that charge an hour (if you make a local move). But many do. It takes more time and more energy to load and unload the elevator than to move it directly from home to the truck. So you should expect the fee.

Expedited service

If you want a guaranteed arrival date, you may be charged a higher minimum rate. The best way to avoid this charge is to be flexible about the time of arrival. Most people can get around the date of arrival. And if you pack your daily necessities and take them with you, you can survive for several days or a week without household items.

Flight cost

Like the elevator transportation fee, a flight fee is a fee for transporting items up or down stairs. Either at the point of departure or destination. For example, a residence on the third floor will be equal to two flights as the residential movers start on the first floor. If there are elevators available and they are large enough to carry your goods, no flight fee will be charged. However, elevator fees may apply. Again, ask your movers everything you need to know.

Linehaul charges

This is the basic long-distance moving fee that calculates by the mileage and weight of your load. Linehaul expenses usually exceed your initial estimates. Since moving companies give you an estimate of the weight and distance before booking their services, they should be able to calculate the total cost of transportation. As always, ask in advance.


This fee is charged whenever a storage service is provided. This fee applies to the physical movement and removal of items to the warehouse. Sometimes short-time storage is within the moving price, but usually, you need to pay for it extra.

Storage units
Make sure you ask your movers about all the services they offer

Setting the budget for the move is one of the biggest and most important tasks. But it can also be pretty difficult. Especially if you do not know what exactly a moving company can charge you. Make sure you are aware of all special moving services that cost extra. That way, nobody will be able to trick you and ask you more money than they should.