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Making a long distance relocation is definitely worth all the planning when you are moving to Miami. Knowing that you can hire Cross Country Moving Group takes away a burden off your chest. To say that we are professional is simply an understatement. What we can offer you is much more than professionalism, and that is a feeling of peace. You will be relieved every step of the way because we can do everything instead of you. From packing to shipping, unpacking and providing package material, you will not have to lift a finger, except for when you need to call us and hire long distance movers Miami.

If you want to move to Miami stress-free, choose our long distance movers Miami and you will not regret it

Why is choosing long distance movers Miami an excellent decision?

As a licensed moving broker with years of experience, we have full access to best moving companies. Isn`t it great to know that we choose only the best long distance movers Miami for your relocation? Every moving company that we hire is the best in the field. Each and every member of staff has gone through serious training. Every single phase of long distance moving is carefully planned by experts.

We know that our customers are satisfied because our only goal is to make you satisfied. The safety of your items has always been our primary concern, which has brought us to be the best in this business. No challenge is hard enough for us, we successfully overcome obstacles. Do you want to move your piano? Piano moving is one of our specialties. And if you want to make a long distance senior move, we are here for you every step of the way.

Only the best is good enough for us

Making a long distance move has never been easier. The world is constantly getting smaller with professionals like we are at Cross Country Moving Group. If someone told you that a long distance relocation was not hard, you would not believe it, but our happy customers prove it. We would like you to experience the ultimate moving service, because we have been providing it for years, getting better and better every day. Long distance movers Miami will make you feel as if you are moving just around the corner.

We hear you

Great communication with our customers has always been our main focus. Some would say that this is close to magic, however, we do fulfill your needs with ease and great care. We are here to recommend the best way how something can be, thus making it easier for you. We are open to changes, as we respect everyone`s needs without exception. It is never too late to call us, we are at your service all the time.

We predict the obstacles

With years of experience, we predict the obstacles a certain long distance move can face. We are always one step ahead of any issues. If you cannot find an apartment as soon as you make the long distance move, we will provide storage services. Your items will be safe and secure in our storage facilities. It is with care that we rent, store, and later deliver the goods to your new address. We adjust our services to your needs exclusively. You do not have to worry for even a second if your items require special conditions for storing. We rent climate-controlled storages for you, thus securing your items from any damage that may occur. Long distance movers Miami are a synonym for expertise, so there is no reason to postpone calling us.

storage unit
We will safely store your belongings for as long as you need it

Get familiar with the process

Once you contact us, we begin to construct your long distance move to Miami. Our search for the moving company that will fit your needs begins.

  • We will send an experienced member of our staff to your address and he will estimate the total weight of your items.
  • The company that we choose will pack all of your items with care and precision that you have not seen so far.
  • There is no need for you to purchase any packing material, we will bring it with us.
  • After packing your items, they will be shipped to Miami.
  • As soon as they arrive if you need to store your items for a couple of days, or even a month, we will arrange it.
  • When you are settled in your new home we will deliver the goods. You will be familiar with everything that we do.
two people shaking hands
We are looking forward to your call as we know that you will be satisfied with our services

The benefits of choosing Cross Country Moving Group are numerous

Not only will you get premium service, but you will get premium service at excellent prices. Since we as a broker have unlimited access to all the moving companies, we will choose the one that will not overcharge you. We make sure that you get a binding estimate from long distance movers Miami. What does this mean? You will know well in advance how much the relocation will cost you. There are no surprises with the price of the moving, we guarantee you that. On top of this, all of your items are insured by our company. Accidents are rare but may happen. This is why we offer several insurance packages that you can choose from.

We are proud to offer you top-notch services for your long distance move. Your move will go stress-free under the command of our experienced teams. Long distance movers Miami should be your only choice if you want to move your belongings safely. Why risk damaging your items with unreliable companies, when you can contact us today and receive the best service possible? There is no reason why you should not get a free moving estimate and a glance at what true professionalism is.




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