Senior Moving Checklist

How easy or difficult do you think moving is? What would you suggest paying close attention to, in the case that you have given this a though of course? On the other hand, what would you suggest should find its place on a senior moving checklist? After all, is relocation something that our retired countrymen should go through on their own or do you think that they should turn to senior movers FL for help? No matter what your answers may be, we need to point out the fact that it is necessary to find out what to look closely at when planning and executing a relocation. Therefore, today, we are going to take a look at what should find its place on a senior moving checklist. hopefully, our senior citizens will be able to make use of this list of ours. Let us know your opinions in the comments!

a notebook
Come up with a moving checklist before the moving day arrives

Should you come up with your own senior moving checklist or should the movers take care of it?

The most important thing about preparing for the senior move that you should take care of before welcoming professional packing services into your home is coming up with your moving plan.

No matter the age, the moving plan is something that all of us who are looking to relocate should come up with on our own. We include our senior citizens on this list too. After all, by coming up with your own moving plan, you are going to stay in the driver’s seat for as long as you can. Therefore, in order to make sure that your move goes well, do your part of the job. Even if you have obtained help from professional movers, make sure to take an active part in your moving process.

Coming up with your own senior moving checklist

In order to come up with your own moving checklist, your moving plan has to be finished up and ready for implementation. Why? Well, a senior moving checklist is basically the residential moving plan divided into more detailed segments.

In fact, each checklist should be divided into smaller segments. One segment should represent a time period. Then, within that timeframe, you should make sure to complete the set tasks. If you fail to do so, make sure to revise your senior moving checklist and adapt to the situation as it is.

Divide your moving checklist according to the following timeframes:

  • Two months before the move
  • One month before the move
  • One week ahead of the move
  • On moving day

Let’s take a look at the details.

Two months before senior moving

Two months before the moving day, you should make sure to start taking care of the following:

  • Pay a visit to your new home. Find out what you need to do to make sure that you can move in and start living in it right away. The good idea is to imagine what your home should look like with the furniture and all. Then, decide whether you need to invest in new furniture or not. 
  • Start decluttering your old home. This is the moment when you should start letting go of your belongings that you do not really need.
  • Plan logistics. Find out how you are going to transport your items to your new place. Perhaps this is the moment to consult long-distance movers?
  • Obtain moving quotes from various movers. At least three moving companies should come and assess your load. Compare their offers and prices. Choose according to what they offer to do for you. Therefore, do not put the price first, while it is important.
senior couple
When retired, move to the place where you have always wanted to live with your loved one

One month ahead of the move

As the move approaches, you are going to have different things on your mind to worry about. One month ahead of the relocation deal with the following:

  • Get in touch with your family doctor’s office. Let them know that you are going to be moving away soon and that you are going to need transcripts of your documents ready. Paperwork takes quite a while to complete. Therefore, you should let your doctor know this ahead of the move. Even if you tell them now, you are still probably going to have to go back again to pick up the documentation.
  • Create an inventory list of your items. It is going to serve you well once you relocate. Thanks to your inventory, you will know where your items are.
  • Arrange time-off at work.
  • Start packing or get help doing it.

One week ahead of senior moving

One week ahead of the relocation is when things are really getting serious. Up until then, you had time to manage your relocation plans. Now, you need to act. These are the things that you should be doing a week before relocation:

  • Have your meters read by utility companies.
  • Finish up packing. 
  • Organize a sale that should help you get rid of the excess items that you still have in your possession. Whatever you do not manage to sell, you should try and donate to charity.
  • Pick up the medical records if you have not done that by now.
  • Clean your new home, but the old one as well.

On moving day

The morning of the move is when you should begin the last phase of senior moving
Wake up on a moving day and begin the move

Alright, if you made it to here, then you are on the perfect track to relocate with ease. On your moving day, you should deal with the following:

  • Get up early.
  • Make sure that your items are ready to go.
  • Welcome moving professionals to your home.
  • Check the moving documents.
  • Make sure that there is nothing left behind.

Upon arrival:

  • Direct movers about where they should place your belongings.


Senior moving is a feat. It takes a lot of courage to change the place of residence when retired. Still, this is something that everyone who is not happy about where they live should do. We are here to help.