Safety tips on shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida

The chances of things going wrong with auto transport are very low. However, this does not mean that you should neglect your vehicle and ship it without prior preparation. Today, we discuss safety tips on shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida. Now, our vehicles do not only have a monetary value. They also serve a big purpose in each household as they are the main thing that allows us to be at different locations for a shorter amount of time. Therefore, one could say that the safety of our vehicles, in general, is a quite important topic to think about. Luckily, if you rely on professional moving companies, like Cross County Moving Group, you can ensure that your items, vehicles as well, arrive safely and on time to their destination. So, what tips are we going to give you to ensure the safety of your vehicle when shipping?

Shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida How to ensure safety

Transporting your vehicle might seem like a simple task. You place your car into a container. Later, the same container gets onto a boat and it is shipped to the location you wanted. However, there is more than meets the eye there. Namely, your shipping container goes through several hands before it reaches its final destination.

a carrier ship with containers on it in the middle of the sea representing shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida
The way you prepare your car, as well as the company you choose to ship it, will determine how well this process goes

Furthermore, knowing who you are hiring to do this is very important. We are not saying that one should not trust the company handling the transportation. Rather that one should always take precautionary measures before shipping items, especially of such value. So, as you hire moving companies from New York to Florida, here is what you should do to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Never give your only key to the carrier

It is the rule that you must provide your carrier with a key for your vehicle. This is because they need to drive your vehicle on and off the carrier. Because you are now aware that this is something the carrier will expect from you, make time to secure yourself. Go and make a duplicate of your vehicle key before you hand out one of them. Furthermore, ensure that the key copy work in all compartments like:

  • the glove box
  • ignition
  • truck
  • gas cap, etc.

Once the key is working, give the copy to the carrier and let auto transport Florida services to the rest of the job. Obviously, it is important that you have one key by your side, original if possible, so you can enter the vehicle in case the copy gets lost. So, make sure you find the time to duplicate it.

Remove any valuables from the vehicle

Our cars are also a place where we place a huge variety of different things. From the items, we need while driving, to valuables we carry with us. These items, regardless of value, should be out of the vehicle before you decide to send them onto a carrier. Make sure you check your glove compartment box, the truck, underneath, and on the sides of the seats, seat pockets, and central control to ensure you left no items in the car.

a gray backpack in the trunk of a car
The vehicle should not contain any personal or valuable items while in transit

This is one of the best precautionary measures to take when shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida, or anywhere for that matter. One could say that this is one of the “better safe than sorry” things you should consider doing prior to shipping your car.

Items that are illegal or can cause issues when shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida

Now, there are specific rules that dictate what you can have in your vehicle while driving it and what you can, or cannot, have while transporting it. Because each state has different rules about what goes in and out of it, you need to do your research. To cover the basics, some of the items you should not have in your vehicle as you transport it are firearms, ammunition, flammable items, hazardous or toxic chemicals, etc. These are all of the items that might pose a serious threat to someone in case of an accident. Therefore, make sure you clear your vehicle before you send it. Furthermore, the thing that might cause issues might be the alarm system. Make sure you turn it off and hand the alarm remote to the driver.

The fuel you have in your vehicle can impact the weight of it

You are probably wondering how much fuel you should leave inside your car before transport, right? Well, did you know that the cost of transporting to Florida will be higher if your vehicle has fuel inside it? Because the companies measure the vehicles upon loading them, your car might exceed the weight limit and impose issues.

a tachometer inside a vehicle
Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel to allow the driver to take it on and off the ship

Not only can it cost you more, but it can also come to a point where the carrier cannot transport it. So, do not leave the tank empty. Instead, leave only the minimum amount because the driver needs to drive it on and off the ship.

Wash the vehicle before shipping it

Finally, shipping your vehicle from New York to Florida needs to go through an inspection. To make the process easier for the people inspecting it, we advise you do a thorough, deep wash of your vehicle. This will allow the inspection to go smoothly and ensure a quick and accurate report. Make notes of any existing damage and take photos of them as you clean your car. This is so you can protect yourself during the transport. More importantly, this is so you can avoid having any issues at the point of entry or with the company that ships your vehicle.