Retiring in Tampa; what to expect?

Retirement is a time when people want to devote themselves to their own mental and physical health. Moreover, when in retirement – people seek peace and tranquillity. Today, we talk about retiring in Tampa and some of the advantages of doing so. Moreover, we will go through some things you should know about the state and the life there. Finding the perfect place to retire will play a big part in your retirement. However, hiring moving companies in Florida to help you move is going to ensure that you start off on the right foot. Having a positive relocation experience is the most important factor in deciding how well you start your retirement days.

Retiring in Tampa – what you need to know

Tampa is a city along Florida Gulf Coast and is a part of the Tampa Bay area. It is a major city that is a county seat of Hillsborough County in Florida. The city of Tampa is one of the largest cities in Tampa Bay, counting about 400.000 residents. Right after Miami and Jacksonville, Tampa is the third-largest city in the state of Florida. With that being said it is important to note that Tampa is a part of the metropolitan area which most people know as the Tampa Bay area.

 a downtown of the city
Tampa is a city that offers a lot of different activities to its residents making it impossible to run out of things to do

The main reason one should retire in Tampa is that it is roughly a retiree-friendly area. But, why do retirees choose Tampa for their permanent residency?

  • Retiree-friendly taxes
  • Affordable housing prices
  • The majority of the year is sunny
  • Tampa offers beautiful sights to see and things to visit
  • It has one of the most active lifestyles in the US

Retiree-friendly taxes

Retirement is usually a time where people simply want to slow down with their lives and enjoy the ride. Moreover, they want to avoid stressing over paying abnormal amounts for taxes each year. Luckily, retiring in Tampa will help you save money. Namely, Tampa has a very retiree-friendly tax policy. This means that retirees often get tax breaks such as inheritance taxes, income taxes, and estate taxes. These are all the taxes you will not have to pay when living in Tampa. However, in order to achieve and qualify for these tax breaks, you will have to stay inside the state for at least 183 days a year. This type of money-saving will make it easier for you to hire all the services you require from long distance movers Tampa.

Affordable housing prices

Now, there have been reports that housing prices, as well as mortgage rates, are on the rise in the state of Florida. This is true. However, housing in Tampa is one of the most affordable housing places in Florida. The housing prices in Tampa Bay are really good comparing to Miami or the southeast coast of the state. The median house value is about $240.000 and the median rent is about $1.131 per month.

an open wooden door with a key inside the lock
Tampa has the most affordable housing in the state of Florida

However, most of the population is renting their homes in the Tampa area. The area boasts an urban-suburban mix and is perfect for both younger professionals and retirees.

Retiring in Tampa means enjoying the sunny weather most of the year

One of the biggest advantages and most alluring aspects of the state of Florida is the nice weather. For approximately 246 days a year, you will be enjoying the warm sun. However, the rest of the year can be a bit tricky. Namely, Florida is also known for natural disasters that occur from time-to-time. For instance, hurricanes, tornados, and flooding are quite common in the area. Because of that, we advise you always to have a back-up plan for those types of situations. Of course, this all depends on the weather and is never certain. What is certain tho, is that you will surely love walking and relaxing in the sun for the rest of the year.

Tampa offers beautiful sights to see and places to visit

One thing is certain when living in Tampa – you will never run out of things to do. This is also an important feature for anyone who wishes to retire there. Namely, white sand beaches, the ocean, rivers and grassy green areas are just some of the many beautiful sights to see. Moreover, residents can enjoy tourist industry complexes on the coasts of the state and have different cultural and culinary delights.

a wooden pier on the beach
Beautiful white sand beaches and grassy fields are just a small part of what Tampa has to offer to its residents

Apart from the natural beauties it has, Tampa offers a plethora of different activities such as golf. You can find a variety of different activities to indulge in as well. If you, cannot walk a lot and require a vehicle, you can easily relocate it with auto transport Florida services.

It has one of the most active lifestyles in the US

Finally, retiring in Tampa can help you remain active and healthy throughout the year. Namely, Tampa was voted the third most active city in the United States of America. This is mostly due to the nice weather of the state and the easily-accessible natural beauties it possesses. With all the green fields and nature to explore, no wonder residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle on a regular basis. If you plan on moving to the area, we advise choosing a moving month so you can easily dive into the lifestyle as soon as possible. By doing so, you will time your move just right so you can enjoy all the perks the state and the city have to offer. Being active is easy when you have beautiful nature on every corner. Therefore, if you are an explorer and an adventurer, you will surely enjoy living in the Tampa Bay area.