Retiring in Florida – where to?

Getting older every year is something that we can’t change, even though we would want to. But, we will all be old at some point, and it is something unavoidable. No matter how many years you have worked very hard for your life, and for your family, there is a time when all that needs to stop. You will need to retire, and the majority of people prefer to relocate when this is happening. Retiring in Florida, for instance, might be a perfect idea. It is definitely a place with quite a lot of elder people in some parts. Many people assume it is only for young generations. And it’s not. Florida is an amazing state that can offer quite a lot of things for every generation. Just get your moving companies in Florida and come already.

Younger and elder women talking with each other.
For sure, retiring in Florida is one of the best options that you have.

First, figure out if retiring in Florida is something you would do

Now, you need to understand and accept the fact that you are not getting any younger. This also means that you don’t have many years to think about if retiring in the Sunshine State is a good idea. The sooner you decide where you want to retire, the sooner your enjoyment will start. When you retire, there are many things you can actually do. You will have all the time for yourself that you need. And of course, you will have financial resources to do things. Many people believe that this is, for sure, the best time to travel the world. It can be very exciting and interesting. Learning new things and discovering places at that age is priceless.

Florida is a place for everyone. Even though the weather might be a little bit too warm on the summer days, having a nice climate all year round is quite nice. You can spend every single day at the beach and enjoy your life. The only disadvantage that there is, is hurricanes. They are not happening all the time, of course. But you can never be sure. Some are weaker, others are stronger. But you never know, and in those moments, you need to be protected. So buying a good quality home is for sure a must. And moving to Florida is for sure, the best idea.

Consider living in Sarasota, it is one of the best places for retirees in Florida

One of the best cities that are top first on the list of cities for retirees is for sure Sarasota. Living there can be quite interesting, and amazing. Especially for retirees who like to spend their days at the beach. The population in Sarasota is 56,919 inhabitants. Living there will for sure give you the urban-suburban feeling in the area. Also, what is important to know about this city is that the majority of the people rather own their houses than rent them. In fact, there are 58% of owners, which make 42% of renters. The median home value in Sarasota is $268,400 while to rent a place would be $1,134.

Nice view of Florida beach and houses.
Florida is the number one choice for many retirees around the world.

The crime rate in Sarasota is quite low. It is not the safest place in Florida, for sure, but there is still nothing to worry about. Safety is very important, and you shouldn’t worry about that here. Even though there are more protected cities, this one offers quite a nice and peaceful life as well. Also, the majority of people living in Sarasota are over 65 years. And just behind them, most of the people are 55-65 years old. Now you probably understand why this is, for sure, the number one place when it comes to retiring in the Sunshine State.

Fort Myers is also a great choice when it comes to retiring in Florida

If you really like a mixture of urban and suburban areas feeling, then you should consider Fort Myers as well. It is a city in Florida with a population of 79,927 inhabitants. So, a little bit more than in Sarasota. What is quite interesting about this city, is that exactly half of the inhabitants rent their homes, and the other half bought houses. The median home value here is $238,700. But if you want to rent a place instead, that would cost you $1,003.

When it comes to the crime rate, it is pretty much the same situation as it is in Sarasota. And what is also very similar in these two cities is the age of the inhabitants. So, even in Fort Myres, the majority is over 65 years old. Which is perfect for retirees. All you have to do is think about it, and let your piano movers Florida has to know about your final decision.

Don’t forget that you can relocate to Boca Raton as well, it is a good option

Boca Raton is another city in Florida that would be perfect for elder people who are retiring. In this city, there are 97,468 inhabitants. And it is without a doubt a place with urban area feeling. Don’t hope that you will feel the suburban feel over here. What is interesting about Boca Raton, is that only 29% of people rent their place. And the median rent price is $1,760. The rest 71% are the owners of their own places. And in Boca Raton, the median home value is $458,600.

Elder woman checking some papers.
Just check all the cities and options you have before you make a decision.

When we talk about the crime rate and safety in this city, when compared with others, it is definitely a better situation. But not that much. This city is perfect for retirees because the majority of the people, as in the other cities mentioned above, are elder people that are more than 65 years old. Another thing you should know before you move is that you should get some storage units in Florida because your new place might be with some lack of space. You never know.

No matter what you decide, you made a good decision

Many people, not only from the United States of America but worldwide, choose Florida as their next destination when they are retiring. As far as you noticed, a lot of cities are full of retirees. And this is a good thing. You will find friends easily, and it will be for sure easier to adapt. Remind yourself that whatever choice you bring, in the end, it will be a good one. When it comes to the state of Florida, you can’t choose the wrong place. So, don’t wait any longer. Pack your summer things and find a place to relocate.