Reasons Why Retiring in Tampa Bay is Smart

Are you considering moving once you retire? Great news – you’re not the only one! Once people get into retirement, they finally find the time to do anything they couldn’t before. Some wish for more peace and quiet, while others travel to places they’ve always wanted to visit. One thing is sure – there are many places across the country that have become popular destinations for seniors who are relocating. Tampa Bay is one of them! Full of sunshine and tranquility, but still lively enough, it proved to be a great place to retire in. If you’re thinking about retiring in Tampa, or in the area close to it, read on!

beach view from a drone
Would you like to have beach access every day in your retirement? Tampa Bay is the perfect place for you then!

Consider retiring in Tampa Bay if you’re ready for a mix of sunshine and rain

Even though it is called the Sunny State, Florida has seen its fair share of rainfall. Of course, living next to a sandy beach sounds perfect when you’re retired! A little extra vitamin D never hurt anyone, and that is the reason the state gets a lot of tourists each year. However, when you actually begin living in the state, you will see that it’s not always sunshine and happiness all year round. Instead, Tampa is the number one city in the entire country for the number of lightning strikes it gets! Don’t let this information scare you – we just want you to prepare for what’s coming. Enjoying the rainfall from your cozy living room while reading a nice book sounds so peaceful, doesn’t it?

One of the main reasons why people decide to retire in Florida? No state income tax!

Everyone likes to save some money. Especially when you’re retired – you no longer have a job that you can fully rely on, and your savings are all you’ve got. That is still not something that should stop you from moving to Florida! First of all, when you hire the best interstate movers FL, you will see that great movers are worth every single dollar. Second of all, when they finally relocate you, you will realize that you now live in a state with no state income tax. But, here’s the catch. You have to prove that you live more than half of the year in the state, and don’t just use the home a few times a year. Yet another reason why relocating to Tampa sounds perfect for all retirees!

Affordable properties are all the more reason to consider retiring in Tampa!

Thinking of buying a home in Tampa? You’re in luck! While there are plenty of multi-million homes on the waterfront, there are also a lot of affordable options in the area. Compared to Miami and southeastern Florida, Tampa Bay remains the area with the most affordable housing options in the state. Average single-family homes here are below the national median price. The market is busy, but with a bit of luck and a good realtor, we are certain you will be able to find something for yourself. If you ask your Tampa long distance movers, they will also be able to give you a few pointers! It’s always a good idea to learn from the locals and ask them for advice.

house in florida
Some of the most affordable houses in the entire state of Florida can be found in Tampa Bay. It’s not all mansions and luxury homes here!

Tampa Bay is no stranger to active senior communities

Since many have realized that retiring in Tampa is a good idea, there are a plethora of senior communities in the Bay. When mingling with like-minded people, you won’t feel like a stranger even if you just moved to the area. From a variety of clubs to evening and day-time activities, you definitely won’t be bored in Tampa Bay! One city that is close by, St. Petersburg, also offers great housing, health care, and the quality of life. However, some have remarked that the city of Tampa is a bit more active than St. Petersburg when it comes to the number of social activities. Whichever suits you best, but you won’t be wrong with either choice!

elderly man standing next to water
There is no way you will feel lonely in a community like Tampa! There are plenty of people here who will make you feel right at home.

Great healthcare is a bonus when retiring in Tampa!

The older you get, the more you have to pay attention to your health. We understand that seniors prefer to live in an area where they know they could get great healthcare anytime they need it. Some of the best medical services are available right here in Tampa. Be careful though – if you’re not used to all the sunshine you’ll be getting in the Bay, you should limit your time in the sun. Try and use high SPF lotions every single day, and limit your time outside from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Elderly skin is especially vulnerable, so take the necessary precautions in order not to get sunburn or sunspots.

Relax in your retirement days and spend lots of time with your family in Tampa

Living in sunny Tampa Bay has another perk. That is, that your family will have even more reason to come and visit you! Nobody will say no to a bit of sunshine and sandy beaches. Also, you can always hop on one of the cruise ships that are docked in the Bay and travel on a giant floating hotel for a few days. If you ask us, there is no better place to spend your retirement in than Tampa. Great weather, low taxes, active communities and so much more awaits for you to join! Florida is a state that welcomes everyone, and seniors are not an exception to that rule. Give us a call and we’ll tell you more about how retirement can be fun and peaceful in our Sunshine State.