Reasons to move to Florida for a better life

If you’re unhappy with your life or you’re craving a change of scenery, why not move? There are a few problems that moving won’t solve. Looking for a new place to live is a fun adventure, and can turn your life for the better. For instance, you might wonder what are the reasons to move to Florida for a better life. Many people do it, but will it be the right step for you? Believe it or not, moving to the Sunshine State may just be the solution to all your troubles. Even making a big step such as moving from California to Florida can be beneficial. There is much bias about living in Florida, but we will debunk them all. So, let’s get started! 

Most common reasons to move to Florida for a better life

There isn’t one single reason people decide to move house. For example, they may have taken a job opportunity that will have them move across the country. On the other hand, others want to move close to family or to live in a different climate. Moving companies in Florida have heard them all, and we now understand that the reason for the move is unique for each person. However, research suggests that people move to Florida to be happy. Let’s see why.

beach pathway
Florida is known for its climate

Florida has the best beaches in the country

One of the top reasons people move to the Sunshine State is because of the breathtaking beaches, beautiful ocean views, and tropical weather. However, despite its sweltering summers, the other seasons are quite mild and warm. And that’s exactly why so many Floridians spend most of their leisure time outdoors. If you’re the kind of person who really dislikes cold winters and snowstorms, then moving to Florida is just the step you need to take. 

Just imagine if you had to spend your entire day sitting in a climate-controlled room. It would drive any sane person of the edge. That’s why you can find so many people on the sunny beaches of Florida after work. However, you should keep in mind that during hurricane season, there is a lot of rain and that the humidity levels are much higher than in any other state. While it’s nothing too dramatic, you should remember that if you’re moving from a particularly dry state. If you’ve just hired interstate movers Florida and are looking for a beach to explore after your relocation, we recommend that you visit:

  • Pensacola Beach;
  • Destin Beach;
  • Panama City Beach;
  • Clearwater Beach;
  • Daytona Beach;
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach;
  • Miami Beach.

This should be more than enough to keep you and your family busy for hours on end. It’s free, it’s fun and everyone loves to hang out at the beach! You can even invite your new neighbors to join you and have a lovely picnic at the beach to get to know each other.

Amusement parks are a reason to move to Florida for a better life

Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the past few decades, you’ll know that Florida has the best amusement parks there are. Out of the top 20 amusement parks in the States, Florida has 8 and there are magnificent. Not only do you have to check out Disney World, but there are also Universal Studios, Lego Land, Sea World, The Kennedy Space Center, and Busch Gardens. These parks are a great source of entertainment both for kids and adults. Once you visit them, you’ll see that you don’t have to stop having fun once you grow up! Once you move to Florida, you can visit them as often as you like and not have to plan an entire vacation trip around it.

mickey mouse hat
Who wouldn’t want to be close to the magic of Disney every day? When you move to Florida, you can visit it regularly!

The cost of living in Florida is fairly cheap

Looking to move from an expensive state to someplace you can afford? Why not take a look at houses in Florida? Sure, there are a lot of upscale communities and some parts of the state might be too touristy. However, there are so many small towns where you can find a home for a reasonable price, and still, have a great life in the Sunshine State. The overall cost of living in Florida is even lower than the national average, so if you ever thought that living next to a beach is expensive, you were totally wrong! So even if you think that the price of your relocation is a bit out of your budget, living in Florida doesn’t have to be.

Florida doesn’t have income tax

Another reason people flock to Florida is because of their income tax policies. Unlike other states in the country, Flordia lets you keep all the money that you earn. More specifically, it doesn’t tax your income. They can do this because Florida earns millions of dollars from tourists that visit the state every year. So in other words, the tourists that visit Florida every year pay for your taxes. Kinda neat, right?

a small town near a beach
Living close to a beach may sound expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. Since Florida doesn’t have an income tax, you’ll have more money to save towards buying a lovely home!

Sports fans will never be bored living in Florida

Florida is known to be one of (if not the top) the states where professional sports are a really big thing. It has even three professional football teams, and its college football league is out of this world. Baseball, basketball, and hockey are all also very popular sports in Florida. Therefore, you are able to get a ticket for almost any game you want, as they are all close to you and you can pick out whichever one you like! From the Orlando Magic to Miami Heat, there are plenty to choose from. So, there’s no reason to wait if you want to move to Florida for a better life!