Paperwork you must handle after a cross country move

Moving is all about planning. The better you plan out the process, the easier time you will have when the moving day arrives. Additionally, preparing everything in advance is a great way to avoid moving day stress. When it comes to the paperwork you must handle, you should always be aware of their whereabouts before and after the relocation. Hiring cross country movers is a great way to ensure your items arrive safely and on time. However, when it comes to documentation, you are the one responsible for it. We will talk about all the documents you will need to have by your side after the relocation process is complete. These documentations will be useful in the future and are highly important for your stressless living.

Paperwork you must handle after you move

When you are moving to another state, you must be aware that the state will require certain documentation in order to let you in. These documents will vary from birth certificates to veterinary records for your pets. As different states have different rules of entry and stay, you will have to research what is documentation you require.

stacks of different papers
You can write a checklist of all the documentation you require before you move so you can have an easier time finding them later

Because there will be many obligations you will have to do after you finish the relocation process, it is best to keep your documentation safe and by your side. More importantly, having your documents in a safe place and well-organized will save you the headache in case you need them.

  • Car documentation
  • Passport
  • You will require your birth certificate and social security card
  • Medical records for your children
  • Medica records/vet reports for your pets
  • Documents that prove that you are the owner of the residency

Your car documentation

Regardless if you hired interstate movers Florida or not, you will need to have your car documentation on you at all times. If you are driving a car, you will surely be aware of the importance of these documentations. Your driver’s license should be by your side at all times. More importantly, you should also keep your vehicle title documentation nearby. Once you arrive in a new state, you will need to change the license plate. Make sure you have all the required documentation to do so. Additionally, the car title is something you need to have if you plan on selling your vehicle after the move.


Your passport is one of the most important documents to have. As such, it should always be close to you. Regardless if you are moving or simply traveling. More importantly, they are quite pricey and take a long time to re-issue in case of a loss.

a blue U.S passport on a black surface
Your passport will help you enter different states and provide proof of your citizenship

So, make sure your passport is always by your side no matter where you are or where you go. On top of that, if you are moving for a job, the passport will help you validate your citizenship and that you have the right to work.

Paperwork you must handle after moving: Birth certificate and social security card

Many states in the U.S. will require your birth certificate on entry. They are used as proof of your legal name and date of birth. You will most likely also require them when extending your car license plate and driver’s license. On top of that, your social security card is something you should always have by your side as well.

Medical records for your children

If you have children and want to put them in a new school you will need their medical records, as well as their vaccination records. This is something every school will consider mandatory and will ensure your children do not delay their enrollment in schools. Additionally, it is always a good idea to have medical records of your children and yourself nearby in case you need to go to the hospital in a new state. More importantly, by having all the documents in your new state, kids will adapt easier after a move.

Medical records/vet reports for your pets

Having pets means having paperwork you must handle for them both before and after the move. Each state in the U.S. will have a different requirement when it comes to pets. For one thing, you will surely need your vets to report on the pet’s health. Additionally, these documents will contain all the information about your pets that can help you have an easier relocation process.

a woman holding a dog in the vet's office
The vet reports will not only help your pet enter a state but will help your future vet have better insight into the pet’s health

Once you arrive, these documents are a great basis for the future vet to have when treating your pet. However, if you plan on hiring movers, like Orlando long distance movers, you will not be able to transport your pets with them. Make sure you move your pets in the vehicle with you.

Paperwork you must handle after moving: Documents proving the ownership of residency

Finally, one of the most important documents to have when moving is proof that the residence is yours. This documentation is a must as it will play a big role in what type of services you set up in your new home. However, it is always advisable that you make copies of each document you have regarding your residency. This way, you will always have a backup in case you lose one of the documents. This proof of residency will help you, for instance, register your pet at the town hall or apply for new utility services once you arrive.

Organize your documentation and make sure they are all in one place

Documentation is a real hassle to gather. However, once you do that, make sure you keep them in a safe place. More importantly, make sure they are all in one place. This way you will always know where to look for them if you need them. Additionally, never throw away any documentation as you might need it at some point. Paper does not take up a lot of space and proper organization will help you manage through them.