Pack your car for your long-distance move

When you are moving across town your car doesn’t seem to be a problem. But if you decide to move cross country and you opt to move things with the car, it becomes one. Now you have to pack your car and wait for Cross Country movers to arrive and take care of everything. But how do you pack your car for your long-distance move? Well, don’t worry we are here to help. 

Packing list

Whatever type of car you own, the car itself has a lot of space. So make sure to make a list of priorities. It is best to move the most important thing by packing it in your car. This way the expensive or fragile items will stay close to you and have a lesser chance of getting damaged or lost. Not only that but it is important that you write down every item you place in the car. As well as to make a packing plan to know where what goes in order to use the space to its fullest capacity. 

You can always consult long distance movers Florida in order to have a clear idea of the items you will need the most. This way when you pack your car for your long-distance move there is a minimal chance that you missed something. In order to avoid items for the car and van make sure you place them on separate piles and label what goes where.

trying to pack your car for your long-distance move
Make sure everything is orderly placed and packed to avoid tumbling or moving while driving.

Prepare your car

Before you even decide to start packing your car for your long-distance move first you need to unpack it. Look through the car and make sure you take out and throw away everything that you don’t need. Like many long distance movers Tampa and other professionals will agree those items may just take the space that you will actually need for some more important items. Make sure to also wash your car in order to prevent damaging anything. 

Find a mechanic

When you pack your car for your long-distance move making sure that the car is working fine is your top priority. Imagine the car giving up mid-drive and you end up stranded in the middle of nowhere. So go find a good mechanic and let him look around. Make sure tires, oil, engine, and everything else work fine. Some minor things may look less important for example, air conditioning doesn’t work. But those small things can also play a big role. If you are moving during summer a long-distance drive can take weary long and you can overheat. And during winter it can be quite cold. Not only you but if the items you are driving are sensitive to weather changes that are a problem as well. These are some things that Orlando long distance movers can confirm as well.

Man and woman puting boxes in the trunk
Avoid packing in boxes. Because when you pack your car for your long-distance move boxes take up a lot of space, that can be used for something else.

Cargo space

If while you pack your car for your long-distance relocation you notice that the space in your car wont be enough think about adding cargo space. Many people who are in auto transport Florida will suggest you the same thing. Adding an overhead carrier may be expensive if you choose some of the nicer models it is definitely an investment that will show its fruit down the line. For moving purposes, hard-shell cases with locks are your best choice. If you’re moving certain kinds of equipment for example bikes, kayaks, surfboards, and camping equipment, there are specific racks that are better suited to those needs. There are also soft options for those interested.

No cardboard boxes

When you pack your car for your long-distance relocation your first priority is to save space. That way you will be able to fit more items in the car.  But cardboard boxes do the exact opposite. They take up more space than needed. Not to mention they are not flexible and can not be stacked nicely in normal cars. You may use smaller boxes for some necessary items, but be careful as they may fill up more space than needed.

A nice option is to try and use bags instead. They can still divide your items as well as store them but they don’t take any more space than necessary. While we do admit plastic bags are not eco-friendly if by chance you have some try reusing them. Packing some softer non-breakable items in them can give you the freedom of moving and placing them anywhere.

overhead space on a car
Adding more space above your can is a good investment. And may help you out many times without you even noticing.

Breakable items

A car is harder to control than vans and trucks made especially for moving. Hence paying extra attention to your fragile items is a must. If you already while packing made a donation pile and have divided furniture for the move and for the Furniture Bank you can consider doing some extra things. Like, don’t pack fragile items in bubble wrap or moving paper. Wrap them in clothes and towels you were originally moving in the car as well. This way you can save space and take care of your items.

Space and safety

Using bags instead of boxes and putting items inside of other items will greatly influence how many items you can pack in your car for your long-distance relocation. Imagen packing your car is a puzzle game. You have to find the best ways and places to place the items in. In order for everything to fit and take the least space available. Use all the space you can, including place under the seats, in the footwell of the front passenger’s seat, inside and around the spare tire, etc.

Also when you pack your car for your long-distance move make sure you don’t sacrifice your safety. No amount of items is worth it. Never put anything in the footwell of the driver’s seat. Also, don’t put anything behind as well until you make sure your seat is in a comfortable position for you to drive in. Also make sure you don’t block your vision in the side or rearview mirrors, as well as the windows.