Organize your storage unit like a pro: tips and tricks

So, you’re looking to place your things into storage. That’s great! But don’t think that doing so is a piece of cake. There’s actually a lot of skill that goes into effectively storing your items. Rather than just tossing your things into storage willy-nilly, take some time to read how to organize your storage unit like a pro.

Find the best storage around

Before you even start to organize a storage unit, you need to find the right space to place your belongings. And the best way to do that is to do a little research. Look into what companies offer warehouse spaces and do some digging to see whether these companies are worth your time. You will want the best storage FL can provide, and that means a few things:

  • climate control
  • pest-free
  • very secure (locks, fences, cameras)
  • admirable hygiene

Once you hire the services of a moving company’s storage, you can also have their staff haul your things there and store them. This could prove tremendously useful for you if you own items that are particularly tricky to handle. So, if you need a piano moves, then some piano movers Florida offers can help you out – and you can bet that they can do it better than you. One of the least-discussed storage unit tips and tricks is to simply let someone more capable handle it for you.

Create a list of all things going into storage to organize your storage unit like a pro

Moving can be a real mess if you don’t keep up with everything. That’s why the help of professionals is always highly recommended. For example, if you’re planning to do a cross-country or interstate move, you will want to hire long distance movers Miami has on offer, seeing that have tons of experience in such moves.

This applies to other kinds of moving, of course – you’ll need commercial movers Florida for your office move, and so on. But if you’re dead-set on not hiring additional help, make sure to know exactly what is going into storage. That way, there will be no confusion whatsoever about where each of your belongings is.

Store long items upright

If you have a lot of things that you need to place into storage, you want to make the most of the space available. This is easier to do in some cases than in others, but the most bothersome situation is when you have a lot of bulky, long items. These are always a hassle to transport, whether you’re moving to Florida or finding some kind of storage there. So, you need to organize your storage unit like a pro and ensure that these things don’t occupy too much room.

A grandfather clock
Something like a grandfather clock should obviously be placed in an upright position

A lot of pieces of furniture take up a lot of room in one dimension, but far less in another (think of a single bed, for example). For these “long” items, the best solution is to place them upright. Most warehouses are tall enough to let you do this, so you shouldn’t worry about it unless you’re dealing with an excessively large object. Either way, setting them up that way will occupy less space overall.

Use clear bins

In all likelihood, you planned on using regular cardboard boxes to seal away your belongings. These work just fine as long as your storage of choice is adequate. But, if you can afford it, invest in some quality clear bins and use them as much as you can.

Clear bins are a very neat way to get around labeling and the hassle of having to lift dozens of boxes just to see if something you’re looking for is even there. Since you can see right through the bins, you can directly see where whatever you’re looking for is. It will save you a lot of time.

To organize your storage unit like a pro, you need to label everything

You might think that simply finding the right storage is enough preparation to cut right into the meat of it. However, you can’t get to the storing just yet. No, you need to do some labeling first. It may sound like a chore, but be sure that it more than pays off when the time comes to take your belongings out of storage.

label maker
A label maker is extremely useful for your labeling needs

Why do you need to label everything? Well, you will likely be storing things for a long time. So much time, in fact, that you will almost definitely forget what those boxes of yours actually contain. And imagine the hassle of having to find a specific item when you’ve forgotten where it’s stored and none of the boxes are labeled. The rationale behind labeling sounds very reasonable now, doesn’t it?

Heavy items go at the bottom and in the back

Here’s a useful mantra for how to organize your storage unit like a pro. When it comes to heavy objects, two directions should be in your mind, at the bottom and behind. This simple storing hack will save you a ton of heartache in the long run. But how does it work?

Organize your storage unit like a pro: anvil on a table
You don’t want to put this on top of your boxes full of fragile items, do you?

Well, the “bottom” piece of this tip will help preserve your lighter, likely more fragile items. The heavy ones could put too much pressure on the boxes below them if they’re put on the top. This could potentially damage your other things that lie underneath.

The “back” bit, meanwhile, can make it far easier for you to navigate your storage in case you need to take some things out. Putting everything heavy at the back means that you don’t have to move heavy boxes to reach the ones you need. With this storage unit organization idea, you won’t have to struggle to take out that book you just remembered you need.

Organize your storage unit like a pro and use storage height to your advantage

When people consider storage unit organization, they rarely consider the space available to them in its entirety. In other words, people overaccentuate the value of the length and width of a warehouse, but rarely do they consider the height. Most storages are 8 feet tall (that’s the standard, but it can vary from one space to another), which is a lot of room that most leave unoccupied.

To that end, you should make good use of all that free vertical space. You’ll be surprised how much more you can fit in when you start doing this. It’s one of the best tips on how to organize your storage unit like a pro that nobody tells you!