Moving your elderly parent tips

Moving is already stressful enough, but when you’re arranging to start moving your elderly parent, it’s a different kind of worry. First of all, there are other people who depend on this, not just yourself. Also, there are way more aspects that you should think about. Moving a senior isn’t necessarily more complicated, but it sure can become a challenge. It’s sometimes even more emotionally taxing than your own relocation. To ease this move on everyone involved in it, follow our simple guide on how to approach the situation. Whether they will be moving long-distance, or simply closer to your own home, these tips can help you out a bunch.

Grandparents with their two grandchildren
No matter what the reason for this move is, your senior parents will surely appreciate your efforts and concerns for their well-being.

Moving your elderly parent: a guide

First things first, you should sit down and have a serious conversation with your parents. This is not a topic to approach lightly. If your parents haven’t suggested the relocation themselves, then a more formal talk is in order. They may not take the news in a good way, and it’s important to highlight why (and how) will this relocation benefit them. Leave yourself out of the picture as much as you can, and explain to them why this is completely in their best interests. As a loving child, you only want the best for your parents, much like they do for you. As a team, you can come up with a few key points and a detailed plan for this relocation. This way, you will ensure there won’t be many bumps in the road!

Consider hiring professional help for this relocation

When you’re moving on your own, it can sometimes be done without the assistance of a professional. However, when it’s time to begin moving your elderly parent, then more helping hands are welcome. Senior movers FL have a lot of experience in this area and can be of great help to you. Hiring a reputable moving company will lessen the load you have to bear in this task. Not only will you be sure that a lifetime of belongings will arrive safely to their destination, but it will save you so much time as well. When you’ve got the right team to assist you, you won’t even feel the burden of the move! Many of the companies also offer packing and unpacking services, and based on your particular situation, these can be quite useful as well.

Other specialist help might be necessary as well

Apart from your chosen moving company, there are a few other people who can assist you in moving your elderly parent. Of course, it all depends on your (and their) individual needs. You can enlist the help of a Senior Move Manager, who is certified and experienced in this field. They can handle all aspects of senior relocation, which may include packing, downsizing, choosing the next home, etc. You can visit the official website of the National Association of Senior Move Managers and get more information. There is no shame in asking for additional help, especially when it’s such a sensitive matter that needs a lot of care.

Two men helping each other during a hike in the woods
A few extra helping hands are always welcome! Consider your parent’s needs and see who you should hire to assist you in the relocation.

Prepare the new home before moving your elderly parent

If you already haven’t got one, obtain a blueprint or a plan of the new home. This will help you create a more accurate floor plan, and you’ll know how you can arrange furniture in each room. Think of your parent’s needs – do they need more space? A bigger bathroom perhaps? If they have any kind of special needs, those should be taken care of as well. A walk-in bathtub might be a good idea, or a railing to hold on to in the tub. Night lights can come in handy in so many situations! Of course, maybe these adaptations aren’t what your parent needs, but it’s always nice to try and make their day-to-day life as easy as possible. When you properly prepare their new home, they will have a much smoother transition!

Consider the available storage space

When you reach the age of your parents, you will realize one thing. There are many belongings you aren’t ready to part with. To prevent them from becoming hoarders and stuffing their new home with decades worth of items, consider renting a storage unit. These days, it’s not that difficult to find good storage FL, and it can be quite affordable too. You can then store anything away, from furniture to clothes and holiday decorations that they won’t be using all year long! Also, storage units are really helpful when it comes to relocation. You can temporarily store anything that you can’t move right away, and not have to worry about it during the move. They are very secure, well-maintained and easy to access, that even your parents can do it later by themselves.

Old couple walking and holding hands
Moving is always stressful, and the older you are, the more stress it causes. Let your parents relax and allow you to handle this task for them.

Moving your elderly parent doesn’t have to become a hassle

Even though it can be tough on your emotions, and adapting to their needs. But, this relocation is just like any other. With a little bit of extra preparation and care, you can organize and start moving your elderly parent in a second. Once you’ve secured the assistance of a professional moving company and noted down your parent’s particular needs, you should be good to go. One more tip before we go – don’t forget to find a new doctor for your parents in the new area. Healthcare is very important in this entire situation. Call the office a few months ahead of the move. They will work with your schedule to make an appointment, so you can talk with the staff in person. Start this relocation on time, and make sure you don’t overlook any details!