Moving to Orlando with family guide

So, you are looking for the ultimate guide for moving to Orlando with your family? No wonder, given the fact that this city is known worldwide as the “Theme Capital of the World.” The reason for that is simple. It’s the home to Walt Disney and Universal studios that are filled with awesome themed parks tourists love to visit. However, it’s not the only thing that’s so special about this city. It’s also Florida’s largest city that has a very rich history, diverse culture, and vibrant life.

Castle Cinderella
Disney World is not the only exciting thing about Orlando.

So for anyone that’s considering moving to Orlando with your family, we are here to tell you that you have made the right choice. Now, while moving to any city can be hard, especially a huge city such as Orlando, we have compiled the ultimate guide that will make your relocation that much easier. Through the years of working in the field as long-distance movers Orlando, we have gathered the tools of the trade that we think just might help you with your next move. So hop on in and see why we think moving to Orlando is a good idea.

Moving to Orlando with family: things you need to know

What’s the deal with Orlando, anyway? 

Well, now known to many as Orlando, this city has had a huge change of names. Fort Gatlin, Jernigan just to name a few. However, through the years it seems that one raised through the waves and just stuck – Orlando. With that said, the exact origin of why the city was named Orlando is not known. Although, that did not stop historians from guessing. Some authors think that Orlando originates from a Shekspears “As you like it” protagonist. Others, tho, think the name originates from a, now a man of folklore Orlando Reeves. We say, folklore because nobody really knows who Orlando Reeves is. Some say he was a soldier, however, no records of an Orlando Reeves exist in military records. Others think he was a mailman for the military during the Second Seminal War.

  • Unlike its rocky name origin, it’s popularity nowadays is unsurpassed. In 2018 and, 2019 Orlando was named one of the most popular locations in the USA. Making it a hub for many wonderful communities that seem to be planting roots in Orlando.

Moving to Orlando with family, how much will it cost?

Parks in Orlando
While Orlando can be breathtaking at moments, it also comes at a price…

We are not going to lie. Orlando’s real estate is a bit too much for most people. The cost of living for a four-person family floats around $3,000 a month. And that’s not accounting expenses from housing! However, the rent is not as cheap as well. The cost of renting hovers around $1,300 a month. Making it one of the more expensive cities to live in. This is definitely something you want to take into account if you decide that moving to Florida is the thing for you. However, don’t fret. There is an upside…

The job market in Orlando is booming! 

While the cost of living in Orlando is high, its economy is booming. This city is one of the cities leaders in digital media, as well as the epicenter of tourism. It is the hub for innovations in agriculture, aviation, and computer software. So, the point being, if you are searching for a job in Flordia you will definitely find one, and not only will you find it, you will also be quite happy with the pay as well! Which will help with that high rent don’t you agree? However, that’s just one of the reasons why people decide that moving to Orlando is the right choice for them.

The best neighborhoods that will fit all your needs! 

There are a number of different neighborhoods in Orlando, to the point that it can be overwhelming at times. That’s exactly why we have cherry-picked our top three contenders that we think you and your family are going to love!

Orlando is the home to one of the most beautiful parks in the State.
  • Rowena Gardens

A small tight-knit community that numbers around 300~ people, makes it a perfect choice for you and yours. Bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks galore. Check, check and check. Rowena Gardens has it all. Everyone in this community has its own home. This neighborhood oozes a cozy urban feel, with highly-rated public schools. What’s there not to love? No wonder it’s on top of many lists for places to move with family in Orlando.

  • Rose isle
It was a hard pick trying to create a top three list of neighborhoods families need to visit in Orlando, however, Rose Isles had to be on that list. Rose Isles is a very cozy community, that numbers around 300 people. It offers all the paraphernalia that Rowena Gardens offers only cheaper. So if the high cost of living of Rowena Gardens is the problem for you, make sure to check out Rose Isle
  • Baldwin park

What’s there to say about Baldwin park? It’s in one word wonderful. Breathtaking parks and lakefronts. Public schools are one of the best rated in the city, and you don’t need to worry about traffic since everything is close! Making it the perfect choice for families who don’t like to commute every day. So what’s there not to love about Baldwin park? It’s a perfect choice! So what are you waiting for? Start planning your residential relocation today!

Moving to Orlando with family, what are the best practices?

So, hopefully, by reading this article you have gleaned an insight into what it’s like to move with your family to Orlando. From picking the right neighborhoods to the cost of living and the job market. There’s a reason why it’s Florida’s most popular city and it’s not just Disney World. However, don’t take our word for it, get yourself a free moving quote, and see for yourself.