Moving to Orlando from NYC

Thinking of joining Mickey, Minnie, and 2.4 million other residents of Florida’s largest city? You are not alone. Orlando surpassed Tampa and Miami, becoming the fastest-growing metro area in the state. O-Town is no longer just a place for snowbirds, cartoon mice and all the chain restaurants you can name. Read on to find out something before hiring long distance movers Orlando and moving to Orlando from NYC.

Here is what you need to know before moving to Orlando from NYC

Disney World
You already know about the Disney World, but there is more to it

Not only theme parks

Contrary to what some may believe, Epcot is not the only thing in downtown Orlando. The “capital of the world theme parks” is home to Mickey and Minnie, as well as to well-planned neighborhoods with eclectic houses and green streets filled with local businesses – from local markets to innovative restaurants and funky bars. Check out Thornton Park, College Park and the surroundings of the Winter Garden. So, the cost of hiring moving companies from NY to Florida is definitely worth the investment!


Weather is one of the many benefits of moving to Miami, so why wouldn’t it be the same for Orlando? Welcome to Sunshine State, where winter is very similar to summer, fall, and spring. The temperature rarely drops below 60 degrees, so when the northerners rake snow and scrub the windshield, you will be thrown back into the pool with a cold drink in your hand. In the summer months, the rainy season begins, where every day you can expect a short thunderstorm. Central Florida is actually the lightning capital of the United States, second only to Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela. At least you don’t need to worry about hurricanes like in coastal cities! However, you must ensure that the land does not open and swallow your house or car because Orlando is just as susceptible to funnels as other places built on wetlands in Florida.


East is north, west is south. Interstate 4, known as I-4, runs right through Florida, from Daytona to Tampa, but the Orlando section is vertical, so when you are actually heading north, the road is labeled “east”. Again, you want to avoid I-4 at all costs if you do not want to sit in traffic with all the tourists. Rush hour is when theme parks open and close. A car is a must, but there are several public transport options, including the LYNX bus system, which offers free rides to downtown Orlando. There is also SunRail, a diesel-electric commuter train with free Wi-Fi. Downtown Orlando is easily accessible by bike or car.


There are almost all restaurant chains in Orlando that you can think of – it’s good if you like an unlimited number of soups, salads, and breadsticks – but, you are in Florida, which means an abundance of fresh seafood! And the city is stepping up its game with chef-run restaurants such as Prato, Urban40, SOCO, Seito Sushi, and others. The East End Market is a really cool culinary center located in a converted church, where bakers, butchers, brewers and coffee roasters sell their products near local farmers offering fresh produce.

The most diverse collection of Orlando restaurants can be found in The Mills 50, which also has the largest Vietnamese population in the city and, therefore, the best, real Vietnamese cuisine. And while Orlando does not have its own kitchen as such, the main food is alligator tails, which you should at least try at some point. The cuisine is always a great reason for moving to Orlando from NYC.

Kinds of sports

Orlando, with the most places to play in the United States, is a haven for golfers. As for watching sports on the air, college teams tend to have more fans than professional ones. Basketball enthusiasts can catch the Orlando Magic game at Amway Center. Orlando does not have a professional football team if you are not talking about football in the European sense, in which case there is an Orlando City football club.

Miami Dolphins
And if you want to watch some real football after moving to Orlando from NYC, Miami and Jacksonville are not too far away

The culture

Who says Florida has no culture? Loch Haven Park is full of cultural attractions, namely the Orlando Museum of Art (known as one of the best museums in the south), the Shakespeare Orlando Theater, the Orlando Repertory Theater, the Orlando Science Center and the Mennello Museum of American Art. With three theaters and open-air squares and an entertainment center, the Dr. Philips Center for the Performing Arts made its debut in the city center in November 2014. In addition, there is a symphony (Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra) and a ballet troupe called simply The Company. How is that for culture?

Outdoor fun

The beautiful warm climate and weather make Orlando a great place for outdoor adventure. And although the city has no access to the sea, there are about 100 named lakes, which means a lot of fun on the water! No boat? No problems. You can rent canoes in Wekiwa Springs State Park, take pontoon excursions to the Winter Park Lakes Chains or Harris Lakes Chains, and ride a boat on the Indian and Mosquito Lagoon at night. Algae in the lagoon make the water glow. Here you can also ride on inflatable boats, natural springs and places of manatees. On land, you can also have fun. Go to Forever Florida on an eco-safari in a protected area; ride bicycles along the 22-mile West Orange; hike on the Florida trail; and ride horses in the forest.

Alligators, manatees and large beetles

Good news: lovely manatees. The bad news: giant mosquitoes. Florida Regular News: Alligator fights. It looks like Christmas when about 400 manatees migrate across the Crystal River. And you can fully enter the river with them! This makes up for the fact that you will need a serious insect repellent to keep them away. And for Florida men’s news. You can completely fight the alligator in Gatorland. Or a safer option, just watch someone else do it.

Walking green

Solar panels in a state of sunlight might be expected, but Orlando aggressively turns green. Hundreds of houses were reconstructed in the city, thousands of trees planted, and hybrid garbage trucks added to their fleet. Audubon Park is Orlando’s first eco-district with a focus on sustainability. And the Amway Center is the country’s first LEED-certified NBA Arena. The arena consumes 20% less energy and 40% less water than similar in size.

Theme parks

Maintaining the best for the latter – Orlando’s biggest draw – is, of course, its theme parks. The Magic Kingdom, the world’s first Disney theme park, is still one of its best, but there are three more Disney parks in the city: Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park and Epcot. Then there are Universal Studios, Wagon Adventure Islands, Sea World, Legoland and much more! When parks are not overrun by tourists during summer and spring breaks, locals can get a discount on tickets.

People in queue
Get a quick pass so you don’t have to wait in line like a plebeian

With its beautiful weather, charming theme parks and a central location, who would not want to move to Orlando? Hope these tips for moving to Orlando from NYC have been helpful. Explore your new city and enjoy everything it offers.