Moving to Miami with kids

When planning your relocation, you realize that there are a lot of tasks you need to do to have a successful move. Especially if you’re moving far away! Moving across the state especially requires assistance from experienced interstate movers Miami. However, when you’re moving to Miami with kids, getting professional help goes without question. Relocation with children is truly an adventure in itself. Not to worry, there are still ways to make it simple with a few tips from people who went through it before. Read our article to find out how you can ease your relocation to Miami with your entire family, and avoid having a stressful move! 

Time your relocation right to make it easier for your kids

Most people decide to move during the summer months. That’s why this is the peak moving season for all companies. Moving in extreme heat and a lot of traffic on the highways doesn’t sound that great to long distance movers Miami. But, there is a reason this season is so popular for families with children. Most kids are out of school and not disrupting their school year is something most parents don’t want to do. When you move between two school years, your kids will adapt easier to the new environment, school, teachers, and their new classmates. It’s kind of like getting a fresh start for everyone and remembering this move in a positive way as a family.

person holding books and carrying a backpack
If you can, try and move when the children are out of school and on summer vacation. It will make the adaptation process so much easier for them!

How can you prepare for moving to Miami with kids?

No matter how old, you still need to prepare your kids for this relocation. Of course, it will be a bit different with toddlers and babies. They don’t have as many strong ties to the old home and neighbors, and they are quick to make new friends. However, with school-aged kids, it might be hard to accept new changes. Especially if they’ve got many friends and have lived in the area for a while. Remember to talk to them before the move, and try to understand their viewpoint. Have a serious conversation as a family and don’t undermine their feelings. It will all pass and they will eventually adapt to the living in Miami, but it may be hard at the beginning.

If the younger kids are upset about the move, you can try to get them excited about it instead. Find out which activities in Miami are suitable for their age, and tell them about it. It may seem a bit easier for them if they have something to look forward to! Moving cross-country with kids shouldn’t be troublesome, but exciting for the whole family.

Include your children in the moving process

Feeling like they are an important part of this relocation will help them come to terms with it. Try and make them feel productive! The little ones can pack away their toys in the bins you give them. They can also select the ones they want to bring along, and the ones they can donate or toss. Younger kids can also pick their new room theme or decorations with you, and this will all make them feel important and useful.

child playing with toy camera
Everyone can pitch in to help pack the items for a move. Even the youngest members of the family can be helpful!

As far as the older kids are concerned, they can assist you a bit more. Of course, they can also pack their own rooms and decorate the new ones to their wishes. However, they can help you with cleaning the house before the move as well. Both the house that you are leaving and the one you are moving to need to be thoroughly cleaned before you relocate. Teenagers can also help organize a yard sale to sell all the items you don’t want to transport and fill the moving truck with. To boost their enthusiasm for the sale, let them keep a certain percentage of the sales. Every teenager loves a bit of additional pocket money!

Find the best neighborhoods in Miami for your family

Let’s be honest, Miami isn’t a city for everyone. Some people still prefer living in the countryside and having a bit more peace and quiet. On the other hand, even large cities such as this one can be appropriate for a family with children. You just have to seek out the best neighborhoods that you can call home. Some of the top and most sought after neighborhoods are:

  • Coral Gables – surrounded by great schools and close to other parts of the city as well.
  • Coconut Grove – the safest Miami neighborhood of them all! With 24/7 police control and a great selection of private schools, you can’t go wrong with a house in this area.
  • South Miami – it’s very likely that living in this area will mean a shorter commute for the parents. There are also great public schools for the kids too.
  • Weston – a cozy little Miami community that’s ideal for many families. Almost the entire community are families, so there will be a lot of kids in the neighborhood to meet and play with.
brick house in a suburban neighborhood
Finding an ideal family-friendly neighborhood in Miami isn’t that hard. There are plenty to choose from!

Moving to Miami with kids doesn’t have to be hard if you begin planning it on time

It goes without saying, but you should start preparing for this relocation a couple of months before you move. Not only will your movers appreciate having enough time to plan it all, but it will be easier for your family as well. You will have time to find the perfect schools for the kids and prepare your new home for everyone. In the end, this should be a positive experience for all, and we are sure we can contribute to that – you just have to give us a call!